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16 of the Best Winter Coats To Wear This Season… And How I’ll Be Styling Them

Let’s take a few moments to talk about winter coats. At this time of year, coats are one of the most important pieces of clothing we can put on, so it’s only right that they get their very own dedicated post. Just call me the crazy coat lady…

Sometimes we want to make the outfit be all about the coat (and when you see some of my pieces – especially one particularly awe-inspiring Balmain coat – you’ll know why) and other times we want it to look like we just threw it on to effortlessly complement the rest of the outfit.

Women’s Winter Coats

When I first started putting this post together, I thought 16 coats may have been a tad excessive. However, as I struggled to narrow my selection of the best winter coats down, (blame it on the fact that we only have a few months of proper winter/heavy coat weather, so I really like to make the most of them) I realized that there is so much fun and variation to be had with coats, so I wanted to explore as many looks and styles as possible. Besides, is there even such a thing as too many coats?

How To Style Winter Coats

I’ve selected a wide variety of coats that cover all sorts of weathers and occasions, and paired them with some of the go-to autumn/winter outfits that I’ll be wearing over the next few months. The coats are all super on-trend; and while a lot of them are perfect for this current season’s fashion, I believe that most of them will actually stand the test of time and become closet staples for many years to come. So win, win!  

The Most Fashionable Winter Coats

Take a look at some of my favorite coats for the winter 2020 season, and of course, how I will be wearing them. Most of the ways are true to my signature style, but there may also be a few surprises thrown in there too…

Women’s Casual Blazers

Free People Everly Cord Blazer

Surprise, surprise, my first look is the epitome of casual cool. For the everyday “I just threw this on” aesthetic, I’ve gone for this super-versatile Free People Everly Cord blazer, which I’ve teamed with a fluffy blue sweater (I’m obsessed with the button detail!) and floral harem pants. I always find that chic blazers can be added to super-casual pieces such as joggers, leggings, and harem pants to elevate the look, and this blazer does just that. A blazer, regardless of how oversized or casual, will never fail to transform a look. And for that extra bit of wow factor, some bling (I’ve chosen to wear it on my shoes by way of these Jimmy Choo Cruz flat boots) is always the answer.


Black Trench Coats

BLANKNYC Faux Leather Trench Coat

Black is a lot of people’s go-to/wear-with-everything color. And although it’s no secret that I am more drawn towards neutrals as far as my “go-to” shades are concerned, I can’t completely rule out having some key black staples in my wardrobe. This BLANKNYC black faux leather coat was such a great find, because it incorporates so many trends in one. Everyone needs at least one black coat, and definitely at least one trench coat, so why not get the best of both worlds and find a winter coat that does it all? I was also drawn to this piece because I feel it’s a modern and fashion-forward take on a classic. I would never part with my iconic camel trench coat, but I can certainly have some fun with this piece too.

I’ve gone for a monochrome vibe, and teamed the black trench coat with skinny jeans, a pinstripe button down, the Ramona blue cable-knit sweater from Anthropologie, and added the finishing touches with a J. Crew faux fur pom pom hat and my trusty Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots – the perfect black winter boots!

 And to mix things up, I’ve also teamed the faux leather coat with mom jeans, a boucle sweater tank, a plaid shirt, and finished off with my Chanel knit espadrilles. Which look do you prefer?


Zara Wool Blend Plaid Shirt

 For anyone who wants to channel “casual but never ill-informed” style, I really recommend using an oversize wool shirt in place of a big winter coat – especially if the weather doesn’t yet call for such a heavy piece. Is it a shirt or is it a coat? Who can say for sure! Sometimes fashion just keeps us guessing, which is one of the many reasons I love expressing myself through my sartorial choices.

Even though this Zara wool plaid overshirt is a very casual piece – as are most of the other items I have accessorized with it – there’s something very fashion forward and trend-driven about the two looks I created around it.  In the first picture, I really have run away with the dressed-down, comfortable, and casual theme, and teamed the plaid shirt with a corduroy baseball cap, a gray tassel sweater dress which I bought five years ago (but if I had to choose another similar item  with an equally fun vibe I would choose this Palma plaid maxi skirt from Free People) and my Golden Goose sneakers paired with my heathered crew socks.

I’ve also stuck with the casual theme in the second picture and worn the wool plaid overshirt with an inside out pullover, a blue button down, Spanx faux leather leggings (a blessing for this time of year, let me tell you!) and added my Jimmy Choo Cruz boots and a rancher hat, which proves just how simple it is to transform a look with just a few key additions.



Winter Coats For 2021

Zara Oversize Wool Blend Plaid Overshirt 

Apologies to anyone who logs onto the Zara website to search for one thing and then ends up with the contents of half the store in their basket. It’s hard not to fall in love with so many of Zara’s pieces. Another gem from Zara is this Oversize long plaid overshirt, which I’ve worn with a very festive red mini skirt (click here to check out my recent post about the other outfits I’ll be wearing this festive season, from super-casual to gorgeously glam) and an Anine Bing graphic sweatshirt, which I’ve teamed with a white turtleneck underneath to keep out the chill. Wearing roll necks or any chunky sweater for that matter underneath another thinner piece is a great way to still wear your favorite pieces without sacrificing warmth for fashion. And of course, here is the welcome return of my BV tire boots, one of my favorite pieces of footwear for the colder months.


Revolve Hammer Plaid Blazer 

Plaid is a trend which has found itself on the catwalks season after season, and it’s not hard to see why it’s only increasing in popularity as the years go on. A plaid blazer is a universal piece that will be a worthwhile investment, as there are so many different looks to create with it. From smart to casual to a mix of both, I’ve demonstrated just two of the many ways I will be wearing my Tweed blazer below…

For the first look, I’ve teamed my in-demand blazer with straight leg jeans – a much more forgiving alternative to its skinny jeans counterpart – a boucle sweater tank, a bucket hat – because when has an outfit ever not gone to the next level with the addition of a hat? – and my Dior espadrilles.

And the second look is just as effortless as the first, consisting of a simple black ribbed sweater dress – a great option when you just want something to throw on and leave home in a hurry, which happens more often than not when you’re a mom of five – and my Chloe Franne sock detail ankle boots.


Wool Coats For Women

J Crew Camel Wool Coat

Ahh, let’s breathe a collective sigh of relief and contentment now that we are back on home ground. Back to my happy place where all the camel-colored pieces live, and I’m now going to show you two of my ultimate favorite camel winter coats that I absolutely couldn’t do without.

The first is a gorgeous J Crew camel wool coat, which I think we can all agree is what chic winter coat dreams are made of. So effortlessly stylish – and effortless really is the key word here as I am confident that it will complement so many pieces in my wardrobe without too much prep work on my part. Again, these little perks really do add up when you’re a mom and only have a few moments in the day to do things you took for granted pre mom life. I’ve teamed this J Crew wool coat with some skinny jeans, a pinstripe button down, a cable-knit sweater, and my BV tire boots.


The Warmest Winter Coats

A Heavier Weighted Gap Wool Coat

Sticking with the same “a wool camel coat can do no wrong in my eyes” theme, is this offering from Gap. It ticks just as many boxes as the previous one did, only this one is much heavier weighted, which means it can withstand colder temperatures. It really is one of the warmest winter coats in my collection, and it’s a definite keeper!

I’ve teamed this Gap wool camel colored coat with skinny jeans, a polka dot turtleneck to keep me warm and toasty, and a pink tie dye button down. I’ve completed the look with my Chanel boots – we all knew they were going to make an appearance sooner or later – and a Burberry baseball cap. I think the look works just as well with the baseball cap as it does without; what do you think? (Remember my baseball cap obsession confession from the last post? It’s still going strong!)


Balmain Winter Coat

Balmain Double Breasted Jacket

Good things come to those who wait, and now it’s finally time to talk about my favorite – and by far the most indulgent – winter coat purchase of the year. I am of course talking about this Balmain double breasted jacket which I know is going to get more than a few outings this autumn/winter season alone, as well as for many more years to come. I like to justify my luxury designer fashion purchases by wearing them as often as I can – there’s no such thing as “saving them for best” in my eyes, as I believe that life is too short and those pieces are there to be enjoyed – so here are just two ways I’ll be wearing the double breasted jacket over the next few months…


Balmain Women’s Coat

I’ve teamed the Balmain coat that got a lot of love when I debuted it on Instagram last week with skinny jeans, Chanel boots, a lace layering top, and floral button down in the first look, and Chloe boots, a velvet midi skirt, a graphic tee, and my Chloe sunglasses in the second. Which look do you prefer? 


J Crew Herringbone City Coat

Another piece which has rightfully earned its place in my winter coat rotation is this J Crew herringbone coat. So versatile in terms of style and color, it’s no wonder I’m thinking up hundreds of different outfits as we speak. In the meantime, take a look at just one of the many ways to style what will become one of the most hardworking coats in my collection…


Long Winter Coats

Just one way to style the coat is to team it with this effortlessly chic sweater dress, my Burberry scarf – an autumn/winter fave, especially as it also adds a pop of color – and my Stuart Weitzman Tieland boots. And true to form, I’ve also added a black leather baseball cap, because why not…


Houndstooth Two-Button Car Coat

If you follow me on Instagram (@LilyTracy) you’ll know that I’m really into history, so the origins of the term “car coat” are quite interesting to me.


What is a car coat?

A car coat was originally designed in the early 1900s for car drivers and passengers alike. As its main intention was to provide as much warmth as possible (most cars were open top, so it could get very chilly in the winter!) it came in fur, leather and heavy wool, with its length traditionally almost reaching the ground. Fast forward to 2020, and the car coat has become a much shorter piece (typically ending on the mid-thigh) and can actually be made from all sorts of materials, and not just the heaviest ones. The coat got a very interesting makeover in the 60s, as it even came in sheepskin and lots of faux fur styles too.

The car coat is not hugely dissimilar to a pea coat – another long winter coat for women – although pea coats are usually made from thick wool, whereas car coats can be found in a number of different fabrics. I’ve teamed my Houndstooth car coat with a suede mini skirt (a 1920s style car coat almost touching the floor wouldn’t go amiss if I’m wearing this skirt in much colder temperatures!) a blue cable-knit sweater, a rancher hat and my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots, which are vital when wearing a short skirt in the winter.

Ps, if you’re looking for a cheap winter coat – cheap in terms of price and certainly not in terms of quality – which will keep you warm and also complement your most fashionable of ensembles, you can’t go wrong with this piece. It’s currently 50% off and now under $100 – a true low cost winter coat for all budgets!


Cropped Puffer Jacket

How can I show that I am stylish but warm yet trend-driven all at the same time? I think this look answers that question thanks to its mix of high low accompaniments. As is true to my signature style, I’ve teamed this color block puffer coat with a gray open stitch cardigan, a gray shimmer tank, some jogger pants, Dr. Martens Chelsea boots (complete with my trusty heathered boot socks), and finished off with a Chanel beanie on top. It’s impossible not to show off your style prowess with the best puffer jacket teamed with Chanel accessories…


Reversible Faux Leather Bomber Jacket

I’m sure that one of the many reasons women’s bomber jackets are still so popular is because of how insanely warm they are. If you’re looking for a coat for an upcoming ski trip or are packing for a vacation to a chilly European country, a trendy quilted bomber jacket should definitely be on your list of essentials. I’ve teamed this reversible faux leather bomber jacket with some skinny jeans and my Chanel boots for a simple yet fashion forward look.

I love this reversible bomber jacket – also referred to as a puffer coat – not just because of the design, color, and its warming abilities, but also because it is made of faux leather and therefore entirely vegan. Sustainable, eco-friendly and animal-friendly fashion always gets a big thumbs up from me!


 Faux Leather Cropped Moto Jacket

And speaking of faux leather, this cropped moto jacket, is another piece I’m thrilled to have found. I’m wearing it with Tomgirl ripped jeans, Chanel sneakers, and crew socks, for another effortlessly cool, casual and stylish aesthetic.


Stylish Teddy Coats 

Target Teddy Coat

Nothing heralds the arrival of winter quite like a teddy coat.

Don’t feel greedy or guilty for wanting to add quite a few different styles to your coat collection this winter, especially if one of them is a gorgeous teddy coat. The teddy coat is a great example of a style that has really blown up over the past few years. Incorporating cute, cozy style with warmth and comfort, I really hope that the teddy coat is here to stay forever. It can be dressed up or down with ease; and here are just two of the many ways I will be styling this winter must-have…

In the first picture, I’m wearing my teddy coat which I got from Target with some flare jeans and a stripe hoodie (the hoodie I’m wearing is 10 years old – I don’t lie when I say I like to hold on to my favorite pieces for many years! – but I’ve linked to a similar one for anyone who wants to replicate the outfit) and toughened the look up with my Dr. Martens Chelsea boots.

 And for the second look, which I must admit is one of my favorites from this entire post, I’ve teamed the coat with a color block skirt (probably the biggest reason for me falling in love with this whole ensemble) as well as a lace layering top, a graphic tee, and my tall slouch boots.


Waterproof Puffer Jackets

Gap Green Puffer Coat

I always regarded The Gap as one of the go-to places for those super-practical, comfortable, wear again and again pieces, which is why I didn’t think twice about searching for a casual, warm winter coat on its website. True to Gap form, it didn’t disappoint, and I have myself a spectacular green puffer coat that I know I will be depending on in these cold temperatures for years.

I’m going for comfort, warmth, and casual style with this look, wearing my green puffer coat with some boyfriend jeans, a cable knit chunky sweater, a cashmere hat with a medusa pin to give the look that personal touch, and some tall slouch boots. I’m so happy these slouch boots are in my footwear rotation – if you also love them, I’m pleased to report that they also come in black, brown, and also burgundy. The styling possibilities are endless!   


 Abercrombie White Puffer Coat

Because one puffer coat clearly isn’t enough…

Finally, I’m rounding things off with another piece that I think every winter wardrobe could use, and that is a white puffer coat. As much as I love long, chic, elegant coats that complement some of my more fancier outfits and allow for all the layering my heart desires, sometimes a good old fashioned puffer coat really is the best option that combines everything I am looking for in a coat.

Akin to the previous look, I’ve gone for my signature casual winter aesthetic and chosen some low key and comfortable pieces, and elevated the look with some luxury accompaniments. I’ve teamed my white puffer coat – which is a totally water-proof puffer coat, by the way – with some boyfriend jeans and a warm cable knit sweater, and added a few pops of luxury style with my LV loafers, a Chanel beanie, and my favorite Burberry scarf. In my eyes, this look proves that you can be warm, rain-free, comfortable, and super-stylish all at the same time.


What do you think about my winter coat selection? Which ones are your favorites? Are there any warm coat styles that you love that I have missed out? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram at @LilyTracy.

As always, thank you for reading. And Merry Christmas!


Lily x x