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7 Ways to Style: GAP Jeans Styled 7 Different Ways

Friends and followers often ask me what my all-time favorite pieces of clothing are, and my trusty pair of GAP jeans always land on that list. They’re versatile, comfortable, and – with 5 kids under 8 years old – they’re as hard-working as I am. 

And even though we’re not going out as much as usual due to COVID-19 concerns, there are still ways to ‘zhuzh’ up your daily wardrobe with these simple tips – no matter the occasion. 

1. Grocery Run 

A cheerful, vintage scarf is one of my absolute favorite ways to dress up a routine supermarket outfit. It doesn’t matter what size you’ve got – there are countless folds to try out! Currently, I like to pull my hair up in a messy bun, fold my scarf however I want, then hold it in place with some cute bobby pins to ensure maximum wearability. 

Mom tip: Scarves are a great method to disguise roots on unwashed hair! 

Add a favorite slouchy top that can handle simultaneous seltzer water lugging and children tugging.  Finally, I slip on my pair of Gucci Princetown mules, which I’ve worn year after year. They last forever and look even better once they’re worn in. Cuff my GAP jeans, grab my bag, and I’m out the door! 


2. Campfires

It’s a scientific fact that there’s nothing messier, stickier, or more fun than s’more-making. If you’ve got a pair of hard-working jeans that can be thrown in the wash later, why not turn every weekend into a weekend getaway? This outfit lets me prevent children of all ages from lighting too many marshmallows on fire!

Since it’s always best to keep long hair away from open flames, I knot a scarf on top of my head and bobby pin it in place (Mom tip:  Target has some adorable scarves right now.). Throw literally any chunky knit sweater over a camisole/thermal top for added warmth. 

The best part about Golden Goose sneakers (other than the fact they’re so comfortable) is that it doesn’t matter how dirty they get. Their distressed design allows for hikes, shopping, campfires, and everything in between. 


3. Date Night

As I’ve said before, my husband and I make it a point to have a weekly date night. And while that’s changed slightly since March 2020, we still “make time to take time”. 

The trick to any good date night outfit is to look effortlessly attractive – but for the right setting. We’ve started treating ourselves to outdoor lunches (since that’s what our schedules allow), and a simple uniform of chic, round sunglasses, and off-white blouse, and blue jeans get the star treatment with a stiletto glitter pump. In this case, my trusty Jimmy Choo Romy pumps. While they’re not made for long distances, they take any outfit to the (literal) next level!


4. A Day at the Beach 

Even if it’s too chilly for a swim, whether we’re along the ocean, lake, or a rocky stream, being alongside water is my happy place. A bouclé tank can be thrown over a bathing suit top, dries quickly in the sun, and can be tied into a cute knot or French-tucked. I’m past the age of wearing flip flops in public, and my sturdy pair of t-strap thong sandals make chasing kids much easier. The look is finished with my favorite sunglasses and a straw hat for sun protection (it simultaneously breathes, protects, and looks timelessly cool). 

5. Nightly Walks 

Dog, leash, and poop bags? Check. Double stroller with kids locked in? Check. We all need to get out of the house and we take walks every afternoon to avoid cabin fever. I tend to throw on my favorite Anine Bing t-shirt, a grey pair of sneakers, then balance it out with some cute heart-shaped sunglasses (to avoid sun glare) and a velvet or chiffon hair bow. You can still feel cute – even when you’re picking up after your dog! 

6. Brunch 

Sometimes, the simplest looks are the most effective. Blue jeans always, always, always look great with a white top. In this case, it’s a babydoll top I’ve worn regularly for the last four years. Paired with the Bottega Veneta padded sandals (that I’d been dreaming of wearing all winter), this is my ultimate sipping-on-Mimosa. 

7. Craft Time

People often ask me how I stay clean during crafts with my children. If you wear mixed patterns, the stains almost never show up! I’ve owned this adorable top for years and seriously think that it might be magic. Paired with blue jeans and white slide sandals, it’s the perfect summer activity outfit for spending time with five crazy, creative kids!