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Boho Summer Style – My Favorite Boho Looks Of Summer 2022 (So Far!)

Since summer began back in June, my sartorial style has predominantly been bohemian-inspired! Light, breezy, effortless – it's not hard to see why I'm obsessed with boho fashion! Take a look at some of my favorite boho summer looks – from flowing dresses to floral kimonos and so much more – right here…

Is boho still in style? Absolutely! And that is why the majority of my outfits this summer, if you couldn’t already tell from looking at all of my Instagram pictures, have all had one thing in common: boho style!

What Is Modern Boho Style?

I am absolutely obsessed with boho fashion, as I think it’s such a fun, feminine, comfortable, stylish (the list goes on) trend that you can really make your own by interpreting it any way you want. The boho trend is still very much en-vogue right now, but even if it isn’t, I think I will still find a way to wear the majority of the pieces I have been wearing this summer in one way or another.

What Does Boho Fashion Actually Mean?

You know I love my history and the origins of fashion trends and styles (I'm still fascinated by tartan and plaid – click here to refresh your memories) so I was keen to find out more about the boho trend. Boho is short for bohemian, and in its simplest terms, refers to the free-spirited, care-free lifestyles of the hippies in the 1960s and 1970s. But what some people don’t know (me included before I did my research) is that it also referred to the pre-Raphaelite women of the late 19th century. Thank you, Google!

What Are The Basics Of Boho Fashion?

If you think that boho fashion is similar to festival fashion, then you’re half way there! Think long, flowing maxi skirts and summer maxi dresses, kaftans, oversized tunics – practically anything with a voluminous silhouette – peasant blouses, intricate prints from floral to Aztec, beaded and wooden jewelry, embroidered and embellished pieces, the list goes on. Bohemian sartorial influences are everywhere, and my looks below will range from little nods to the trend to full-blown boho fashion! And I think, whether intentionally or not, my hair is very boho-chic too, as long hair with loose, natural curls or beach waves is often associated with the boho trend.

Who Are Some Famous Boho Celebrities?

I think we partly have the A-listers to thank for the boho trend remaining as popular as it is. Some famous ladies who I feel rock the boho trend include one of my favorite 90s supermodels, Kate Moss, as well as Florence Welch, Sienna Miller, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who always make a great case for loose-fitting and care-free sartorial styles.

Vanessa Hudgens, unofficially known as the queen of Coachella for good reason, is another A-lister whose bohemian sartorial influences are easy to spot, especially at Coachella when the boho trend is perhaps most prominent. Her signature style is a combination of bohemian meets festival, and I always love how she interprets the boho trend every summer.

Boho Summer Outfits

As an homage to all things boho, I wanted to do things a little differently this time around, and pool together some of my favorite boho looks from the summer so far; especially as they have been getting a lot of love on social media, so I know I'm not the only one to love the trend so much.

Boho Chic Style

Boho fashion is about so much more than floral dresses and flower crowns, so I've broken up some of my boho summer looks into different categories, to showcase just how versatile the trend can actually be. From feminine to casual, take a look at a roundup of some of my favorite boho looks from this summer so far…

Boho Summer Dresses And Skirts  

Let's start with the thing people associate the most with boho style: the dresses. And by extension, the skirt! It's so easy to grab a printed dress or maxi skirt and team with summer staples that aren’t necessarily boho-inspired, as the dress or skirt will carry the whole outfit, which proves that you don't actually need a lot of pieces to start embracing the boho trend. I would tell anyone wanting to give it a try to go for a dress or skirt teamed with a casual, versatile summer top, and the rest will follow.


Look 1

This brushed cotton midi dress is boho chic to a tee; especially the burnt orange color which is reminiscent of seventies hippie fashion. Much like most of my boho pieces, this dress is also beyond comfortable, which is always at the top of my list when shopping for wardrobe staples. It should come as no surprise to learn that I own this dress in two colors (but would gladly buy more!) because I couldn’t stop wearing it in the crazy Texas heat. It's flowy, flattering, and forgiving, and a great cool fabric which makes it perfect for lounging on hot summer days.

I could go full-boho and team this with some fringed accessories, but on this occasion, I've gone for my oh so comfy Hermes Oran sandals in white (the perfect color for summer!) my Chloe sunglasses which I've tucked neatly in my dress, and my new favorite Chanel 22 bag for a pop of color.


Look 2

This outfit is perfect for cooler weather, like right now in Colorado or in England (which I visited with hubby and my eldest daughter in early June) or even chilly mornings or evenings in Texas.

I think if someone was to ask me what bohemian style meant to me, I would put this outfit together; or at the very least, make sure that the tassel color block cotton dress was part of my look! The fringe, the voluminous fit, what could be more bohemian?! I've teamed it with a Free People scout jacket, floral embroidered Western Boots (also very bohemian!) my Bottega Veneta cassette bag to add a pop of color, and my Chloe heart shape sunglasses, which I have always felt had festival chic vibes.


Bohemian Outfits For Ladies

Look 3

Boho fashion doesn’t always have to be oversized, and hem lines certainly don’t always have to be floor-skimming! And this Free People mini dress is the perfect example to show how cute, playful, dare I even say sexy (thanks to the cut-out detailing in the middle) the boho trend can be.

I wore this outfit to a friend's crawfish boil and I definitely want to repeat it a few more times before the summer is over. I teamed my Free People floral mini dress with a faux leather baseball cap – revisit my obsession with baseball caps here – my summery Chanel T strap sandals, and once again, my Chanel 22 bag. No one would know it, but I managed to fit all 5 of my kids' swimsuits in it. Definitely a lot more stylish than your average sports bag, plus it freed up my hands! Win, win!


Look 4

Is floral boho? You can never go wrong with floral in the summer, and I think an earthier color palette instantly screams boho vibes. This isn’t just another floral mini dress, as I think this one is in a league of its own thanks to the color combos and the sleeves, which I feel instantly make it a little fancier. I actually bought this 10 years ago from Anthropologie, and have enjoyed wearing it in so many different ways over the past decade.

I wore it to a friend's party in Mexico way back when, and most recently, I embraced the boho and perhaps even cowboy trend (I love to mix and match and blur style lines!) by wearing it with my Jeffrey Campbell butterfly Western boots and my red velvet Gucci bucket bag to bring out those bold red colors in the dress.


How To Dress More Boho

Look 5

Proof that the boho trend isn’t just for casual affairs and festivals, as I think this is a date-night-worthy look that I will happily recreate time and time again. This butterfly slip dress is a more feminine and fancier take on the boho trend. It's at least 8 years old, if you can believe it, and I always reach for it in the spring and summer seasons because, well just look at it! It's great paired with both summer and more fall-ready footwear, and on its latest outing, I paired it with my Chanel boots, a lightweight blazer, some Hermes bracelets to turn the look from day to night and make it fancier for date night, and my Chanel 22 bag, which as you can tell, is one of my current go tos.

As I've been wearing my Chanel 22 bag a lot lately, I wanted to make it a little different and tied a scarf around it. I think this is a great styling tip for all handbags – add a silk scarf to a handbag in a color that matches your outfit for a seamless match, or just make the bag a little bit different by adding a scarf in a contrasting shade or something with a little print or pattern to add some dimension.

Look 6

I think this outfit is probably the biggest nod to the bohemian trend both in terms of color palette, and the mix of prints and fabrics; and it's probably the one that brings me the most joy! I wore this outfit for my father-in-law's birthday when we all went out to dinner to our favorite Italian Restaurant in ATX, and it is the perfect ensemble for dressing up in hot temperatures. Sometimes, getting dressed up to go to fancy places can be a little bit of a chore in the scorching hot weather, but this flowing maxi skirt was cool and breezy, and the blouse, although sleeveless, added some chicness to the outfit due to the intricate crochet detailing.

My whole outfit consisted of a boho floral maxi skirt, which I teamed with a white crochet detail blouse, Chanel slides, my new teeny tiny Balenciaga Le Cagole purse (which I love, by the way, because it’s so small it doesn’t actually fit much in it, and my kids now have to carry all their own things – mom tip!), and my Chloe sunglasses.

Boho Summer Pants  

I want to be real. We briefly moved from Austin, Texas to Colorado for the summer months, because the heat in Texas was too much not only for the kids to comfortably play outside, but for us too! I definitely couldn’t have worn pants of any kind during the summer in Austin, but I found myself reaching for a few when we were in Colorado with the cooler climate; which is great for spicing up my wardrobe and adding some more comfort and variety to my everyday outfits! My pants are by no means the chic, tailored kind reminiscent of officewear, as Colorado is a lot more chilled and casual, which as you can imagine, is something I am not complaining about. Take a look at some of the ways I have incorporated pants into my boho style…

Look 7

I instantly feel cooler (temperature wise) whenever I look at this outfit. Light pants, a colorful cropped top, and sandals – what could be a better casual summer outfit?!

I am by no means ready to give up on the loungewear trend, so these track pants, which I purchased back in 2020 when the whole world went loungewear and athleisure crazy, aren’t going anywhere! I know they're a bit 'out there' but I am obsessed with them because of the cute bee print, and if I'm being totally honest, this might be my favorite outfit in this blog roundup. The neon green crop top is a perfect match, and on this occasion, I finished off my look with some Hermes Oran sandals and my cream-colored Chanel 19 bag.


Look 8

I put this look together because I really wanted to wear my pretty floral kimono, which was feeling neglected in my closet. I love it so much and it always makes me smile, and it doesn’t get nearly as much wear as it should; especially because I always get a lot of compliments whenever I step out in it!

Kimonos – especially floral or printed ones – are perfect if you want to rock the boho trend thanks to the loose fit which would make for perfect, effortless styling. There are so many ways to style a kimono, including with a boho-inspired dress or skirt, but it's also great for wearing instead of a cardigan or jacket teamed with tighter-fitting pieces for a nice juxtaposition, which is what I've done on this occasion. I've paired the kimono with some pinstripe beach pants, a white crop top, my T strap Chanel sandals and my Bottega Veneta Jodie bag.


Look 9

Another super-casual summery pants look that I love – and I think the beach pants essentially make the whole outfit! These beach pants are from my beach line and will hopefully be launching in the near future. I love juxtaposing oversized bottoms with tight tops and vice versa, which is why I have paired them with a crop top. If you don’t want to wear a crop top, a bralette (so on trend!) is a slightly edgier and racier alternative with oversized pants, or for a more covered up option, something like a bodysuit or a skin-tight tank top would also work well to ensure your figure doesn’t get lost in the excess fabric.

Another reason to opt for a crop top with these pants in particular is due to the stunning bow detailing, which I feel (literally) ties the whole look together, so I wanted to ensure it was shown off and appreciated. I also styled them with my Chanel T strap sandals and my teeny tiny Balenciaga Le Cagole bag, which once again, meant that everyone (kids and husband, included) had to carry their own things!

Look 10

Bohemian style is synonymous with the 1970s, and no trend screams 70s more than flared jeans, so I had to include at least one flared jeans look in this roundup! I wanted to do something a little bit different, and go for them with boots, which may raise a few eyebrows…

Flared jeans tucked into boots can be quite bunchy but I think this combination creates such a fun casual look if you aren’t too bothered by that extra material near your boot; I certainly wasn’t! I wore this outfit – consisting of flare jeans, my YSL belt, Jeffrey Campbell butterfly boots, Free People ribbed tank and Rancher hat – to a country concert and felt perfectly at home. I also took my tiny Balenciaga bag because it’s small enough to pass bag rules for concerts; plus wearing it over my shoulder or crossbody meant that I had my hands free for food and drinks, and of course, applause!

Summer Boho Overalls

I will always try and make overalls work with as many trends as possible, and luckily, making them work for the boho trend wasn’t hard given how popular they were in the seventies, the decade that we all look to for bohemian sartorial inspiration. So in my opinion, overalls and other such pieces definitely do count as bohemian, and as with most trends, it’s all in the styling and accessorizing!

Look 11

Overalls plus a crop top are so spectacularly perfect together; and when accessorized with pieces with bohemian influences, not to mention having your hair styled in boho-approved soft waves, are also perfect for the boho chic sartorial style!

I’ve paired my overalls with a scallop edge trim crop top, a raw edge white button down, which I've actually tied around my waist in the picture, my Chanel T strap sandals, which I have always felt had a bohemian vibe to them, and my Bottega Veneta Jodie bag, which just like the sandals, can easily fit into a bohemian wardrobe quite effortlessly thanks to the size, the fabric, and the color!

Look 12

Harem jumpsuits are one of those marmite pieces that people tend to either love or hate – and interestingly, most women absolutely love them as they are one of the most comfortable pieces in existence while being trendy too, while those of the opposite gender always tend to give them a unanimous thumbs down. As I like to dress for myself and no one else, this doesn’t really bother me, but I do actually appreciate lots of women joining me and coming together in solidarity to praise the harem jumpsuit, and by association, harem pants.

I’ve worn my silver sparkle Harem Jumpsuit with a simple Free People brami, my Dior embroidered bracelets for some extra boho vibes, my Hermes Oran sandals which I think are the perfect match color-wise, and my trusty Chanel 22 bag. Oversized, slouchy bags scream bohemian fashion to me, so it’s no wonder this bag has featured so heavily in this edit!

Boho Summer Shorts 

Shorts are another bohemian staple, with extra points going to cut-off shorts, colored shorts, printed shorts (the paisley print is super-popular at the moment!) embroidered or patchwork shorts, or shorts with fringe detailing and/or embellishments. We tend to see a lot of bohemian influences at festivals, when short shorts are one of the most popular things to wear, so there is no shortage of bohemian looks that can be created with a pair of shorts as the key piece.

Look 13

This is another look which I think epitomizes the bohemian trend in the biggest way! I love the way the earthy colors blend so well together, but I also love the significance of some of the pieces too. The hoodie in particular!

I remember buying the patchwork and hand painted detail hoodie 12 years ago in Keystone Co during an art fair when my hubby and I had just started dating, so it always has a soft spot in my heart as it brings back so many wonderful memories. I was newly in love with him, but I also fell in love with this unique hoodie with its subtle patchwork and hand painted details on the back. And I'm pleased to say that it still gets lots of love whenever we come up here to Colorado!

I've embraced all things boho for its latest outing, and paired it with denim acid wash shorts, a crochet floral crop top which is definitely one of my most boho chic pieces, Golden Goose sneakers, a baseball cap (the colors of which couldn’t be a more perfect match!) and my Balenciaga Le Cagole bag.

Look 14

I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this exact outfit if I was to ever attend Coachella or any other similar festival, as I think it’s the perfect mix of comfort meets boho style. I actually wore this outfit when I didn’t have time to style my hair, so I used the scarf to my advantage to create what I think is an easy and effortless (yet stylish and very bohemian!) scarf side braid, which I think went with the whole effortless bohemian vibe I was going for.

My effortless boho look consisted of my marled sweater shorts, a retro stripe tube top from eons ago, a studded denim jacket, an Hermes silk scarf which I braided into my hair, my Hermes Oran sandals, and my Chloe Faye bag.


Look 15

This might not be the most typically bohemian outfit, but I certainly get the boho vibes whenever I put it together, which is why it’s in this edit. I enjoy thinking outside the box and making trends my own, after all! I love how the gingham and color blocking work in harmony here, especially as so many bohemian trends involve mixing and matching prints and sometimes even colors that might not be the obvious choice, which I think is why this ensemble works so well for me!

I've worn my gingham bike shorts with a color block tunic, and accessorized with some stripe detail socks, my Chanel sneakers, and my YSL Niki bag.

Look 16

Finally, I've finished off with one of my most interesting looks, which features some pink acid wash Bermuda shorts, a sweater tank, Chanel slides and a Bottega Veneta cassette bag. I sometimes feel that Bermuda shorts can be hard to style, especially if you want the look to be more feminine, but I think tying the tank in a knot is a good way to define the silhouette and nip in the waist, while the Bottega Veneta cassette bag brought some much-needed bold color to the ensemble. Ah, the power of accessories!

And speaking of accessories, I think the real hero piece of the outfit is the bandeau scarf which I wrapped casually on my wrist, as it added a touch of class and femininity to the look. In this edit alone, I have tied a scarf around my bag (always a great option!) and also braided my hair with one, and tying one around my wrist is another one of my favorite hacks.

I think the majority of my summer style here in Colorado has had bohemian influences, so I hope you have enjoyed an edit of some of my favorite looks.

Thank you for reading! Lots of love, Lily x x