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Fall Winter 2021 Fashion Trends – 16 Outfits Inspired By The New FW21 Season

Another season of Fashion Month has wrapped up, and as always, there were so many new fashion trends that debuted on the Fall Winter 2021 ready-to-wear catwalks that I couldn’t wait to try and incorporate into my current wardrobe. I always joke that I take the term ready-to-wear all too literally!

Fashion Week 2021

Akin to the last two Fashion Months, things were a little quiet as far as the atmosphere in all four major cities – New York, London, Milan, and Paris – were concerned. However, you wouldn’t know it based on the runways and presentations, as they were still bursting with fun, dynamic, and lust-worthy Fashion Month outfits that I am already getting excited by. I can’t wait for the world to get back to normal so we can enjoy Fashion Month the way we used to!

Fashion Trends 2021

I am inspired by so many pieces from the brand new season, and love how simple it is to adapt them to suit my own personal style – even right now as we are heading into a warmer season.

Spring Outfits 2021

Although spring has officially sprung – and the weather here in Virginia is certainly getting more spring-like every day – I wanted to do something that I have become very fond of recently, which is wearing new-season pieces as soon as they debut on the runway, rather than wait for the corresponding season to come around. Life is short, after all, and I like to make the most of everything – and that includes fashion!  

From sequins to patchwork to more denim than we ever thought was possible, here are just a few spring outfits I will be wearing over the next few months, with some of the freshest Fall Winter 2021 pieces in mind…

Fall 2021 Runway Sweaters

I actually don’t need fashion month to encourage me to wear a sweater vest, but it’s always nice to have high end designers such as Anna Sui and an abundance of other high end designers’ sartorial seal of approval. I adore the sweater vest aesthetic, and love just throwing one over some of my casual must-haves, and think they go with pretty much everything. From jeans to shorts to miniskirts, sweater vests have the power to elevate even the most casual of pieces, while tying everything together at the same time too.

I don’t know how they do it, but I always regard them as a hardworking staple that I don’t think I will ever stop wearing. Trends may come and go, but sweater vests are forever! 

Sweater Vest Outfits

They’re also great for wearing at the start and end of warmer seasons, as you can wear more summery pieces, safe in the knowledge that the sweater vest will keep you warm should there be an unexpected chill. Above I’m wearing my gray sweater vest with my lace layering top, some cute lace bike shorts - talk about a sartorial juxtaposition, crew socks and loafers.

My second outfit is for a colder spring day for sure. I teamed the same sweater vest with my favorite lace layering top, because they go so well together, along with some must-have skinny jeans, and Chanel pumps


Fall 2021 Runway Trends

Acid Wash Jeans

I always do a little dance when super-casual pieces make it onto the runways – and what is more casual than a pair of jeans? Fall 2021 brought back some trends from decades past – and Alice + Olivia’s take on acid wash jeans was one of my favorites. Have a look at the entire collection to see why I’m sold on the trend!

I actually didn’t think we were going to see acid wash jeans for a while, but lo and behold, they were absolutely everywhere for the new F/W season. I’m not-so-secretly really happy about it, because I love experimenting with different styles of jeans, as they’re so easy to play around with.  Women’s jeans are the most casual yet versatile thing you can wear, as they come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, and I love how you can dress them up and down with just a few key pieces.

For a comprehensive guide to all things jeans, make sure you read my latest post about jeans, where I also try and answer your questions about different styles, fits, and what may or may not be flattering for certain body types.

Although I also have some black acid wash jeans, which I think are great for paying a more subtle nod to the trend, I wanted to go all-out for the sake of this post; so I’ve gone for some light blue acid wash jeans, and teamed them with a white ribbed layering top, black casual blazer, and my Hermès sneakers and baseball cap. Even though acid wash jeans are synonymous with the 80s, I think my choice of accessories and accompaniments have made the whole look very current and modern. 

Key Fashion Trends 2021

Denim on Denim

Denim on denim was a gargantuan trend on the Fall 2021 runways, and of course, all the presentations that happened in place of traditional catwalks. The Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2021 collection was particularly inspiring with its take on denim on denim! I can’t help but think of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake whenever anyone mentions the denim on denim trend, and I’m so thrilled that it has come back as there are actually so many ways to play around with this trend.

Levi’s Denim Jacket

I’ve gone down the super casual and comfortable route here, and worn my mom jeans with my Levi’s jean jacket, added a splash of color by way of my peach cinch tank, and finished off with a pop of luxury with my YSL sneakers


Fall 2021 Color Trends 

Olive Green

Another trend I was delighted to see was the olive green aesthetic – thank you Fendi and Max Mara! It’s no secret that I am drawn to neutral tones, and that also means anything in the olive and khaki family. Olive green can be dressed up or down depending on the nature of the pieces and the things you wear them with; and I think I’ve demonstrated this quite well with the outfit I’ve chosen.

Although I could have gone for something a little dressier, such as an olive or even dark green maxi dress for example, I’ve chosen one of the most casual pieces – i.e. my olive green jogger pants – and dressed them up with a fun, feminine, floral top, and added some high end glam with my Chanel sandals. I wanted to show how it’s possible to add both femininity and luxury to the ultimate casual and comfortable piece.

What To Wear With Army Green

Additionally, I was keen to juxtapose the olive green pants with one of my most feminine pieces (and what is more feminine than a floral top?) as olive and khaki tones are quite commonly associated with camouflage and army-wear, which still has very masculine representations.

Olive green is often referred to as army green for this very reason, so army green joggers are obviously going to be on the more androgynous side of the spectrum. After a quick Google search, I was amazed to find that only 14% of women make up our US Army (according to Wikipedia) so it’s no surprise that army-wear still has very masculine connotations. I wonder if this will change in the future…

Drop Waist Dresses

I’ve always been intrigued by the dropped waist dress, as it offers a more relaxed and therefore casual silhouette that I am very clearly a fan of. As I get older, and as my kids become more mobile and it gets harder to run around after them, the idea of having a skin-tight bodycon dress that I need an additional pair of Spanx to hold me in becomes less and less appealing to me. Therefore, I am a huge fan of relaxed silhouettes, so I was really happy to see so many dropped waist dresses for Fall 2021.

A low waist dress is a great way to tone down a look and dress on the more casual end of the smart casual spectrum. They’re also great for layering too, and some of my favorite ways to style them include layering sweaters overtop them, or just adding fall layers such as cardigans or jackets on top. So many options! 

I’ve worn my tunic dress with my lace layering top on this occasion (although I do wear it so many other ways too, which just goes to show how versatile it is!) and added my tie dye crew socks for a bit of color and fun, and my Hermès sneakers.

To prove how much I love this trend, I’ve included a second look, which consists of a white flounced tunic dress that I will be wearing again and again over the spring and summer as it’s just so comfortable and versatile, as well as my Dior espadrilles and my favorite bucket hat

Fashion Trend Forecast 2020/2021

Head Scarves

Winter scarves got a bit of a make-over this fall/winter season. I love how fall/winter essentials are redesigned and reinvented every season, and the humble women’s winter scarf was one of my Fall 2021 favorites. I believe that you can never have too many scarves, as there’s an endless amount of different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, fabrics, logos, and even embellishments to play around with.

How To Tie A Scarf

As well as a very enviable selection of scarves this season, I loved how the designers played around with the styling, as you know I am all about the many different ways to wear scarves. Here is my video tutorial, which will show you 6 different ways to tie and wear a scarf.

How To Wear A Scarf On Your Head

The Versace Fall Winter 2021 runway really stood out for me, as some of the biggest supermodels in the world from Gigi Hadid to Bella Hadid to Irina Shayk all strutted their stuff with the brand’s latest scarves tied so gracefully yet fiercely around their heads… and I was completely besotted! I couldn’t wait to replicate this head scarf look for myself, and tied a Gucci scarf around my head, and teamed it with my summer line wrap skirt, summer line ribbed tank, and Hermès Oran denim sandals.

Pastel Pink Fashion Trend

We saw a lot of pink this Fall 2021 season, but I was most excited by the pretty pastels at the likes of Fendi and Self Portrait, to name just two. If you’re a huge fan of pink clothing and pink hues in general, you’ll be pleased to know that various shades of fuchsia and hot pink also stormed the runways, so there’s a lot of choice for trend-driven fashionistas who are obsessed with pink fashion.

Pink Clothing

True to my signature style and go-to color palette, I couldn’t wait to dig out some of my favorite pastel pink pieces from my closet. I didn’t actually have to do too much digging, as I wear quite a lot of pastel colors anyway. I love it when pieces from my everyday collection also fall under the new-season-stapled category. I’ve gone for a casual but subtly trend-driven vibe with this look, teaming my barrel jeans with floral lace crew socks, (lace is also a huge trend this season, which we’ll get into a little further down) Chanel sandals, and a rancher hat. Simple, yet totally stylish!

Fall 2021 Trends

Quilted Pieces

The Jason Wu Fall 2021 collection got me really excited about quilted pieces, and I’m really intrigued to see how this trend will be adapted and implemented in the coming months.

A quilted item that I believe will stand the test of time is my quilted Anthropologie jacket, as I think it’s such a versatile and timeless piece that is worth every penny. I’ve worn my quilted Anthropologie jacket with a cute blue sweater dress, floral and lace detail crew socks, and Chanel sandals.

And for a more summery and slightly more casual aesthetic, I’ve worn a really fun quilted hoodie – which is perfect for dress-down days out with the whole family – and teamed it with my high waisted paper bag shorts, a ribbed tank, crew socks and chunky statement sneakers. I love the whole spring/summer color palette of this look, which makes it a perfect example of how you can incorporate new-season trends into the current, and opposite, season.

Quilted Jackets For Ladies

There are so many options for women’s padded jackets and quilted coats at the moment, both budget friendly and investment worthy, and are also great for colder temperatures, so are perfect for this time of year. In other words, if you only buy one thing to get in on the quilted trend, a quilted coat or jacket might just be one of the best pieces to go for.

Big Chunky Knits

Now that we’re on the subject of pieces that will keep you warm during the fall/winter months – as well as those confusing and unpredictable beginning and end of summer days – I want to talk about big chunky knits. The Row and JW Anderson are among the designers who debuted some fabulous knits on the runway this season – good enough to change anyone’s mind if they’re not already sold on the concept. I will never stop buying oversized sweaters and chunky knits, and that’s because I’ll never stop wearing them. Akin to my trusty sweater vests that we discussed earlier, I regard chunky knits as a year-round staple, and I love how easy it is to play around with different styles and achieve different looks.

Knits don’t have to be boring, and they certainly don’t need a wintry color palette, as is demonstrated with my rainbow cardigan, which I think is one of my favorite purchases of all time! I’ve worn my rainbow cardigan (which never fails to put a smile on my face) with a pink layering top, barrel jeans, marled crew socks, and my Chelsea boots. This is one of my favorite top-to-toe looks of this entire post!

Neutral Color Palette

As you just saw, I am not afraid of color, and love how adding even the subtlest pop of color can transform my outfit – as well as my mood – in an instant. However, I couldn’t continue writing about my favorite fall 2021 trends without mentioning my sheer unapologetic delight when I saw that neutral hues were one of the biggest trends of the new season, meaning that I am technically one step ahead of the trends.

Neutral Color Outfit Ideas

Despite already having a new-season-ready wardrobe at my fingertips, I’m still excited to add some more pieces to my collection over the next few months, as I know that they will be worth every penny. I will get a lot of wear out of whatever neutral-toned clothes I buy, as they can easily be mixed and matched to the majority of the pieces in my wardrobe already. This is probably one of my most signature looks, and certainly one of my favorites these days. I’m wearing my go-to camel colored barrel style jeans, along with a sweater tank, Hermès head scarf, and Dior slippers. Do you love this look as much as I do?

Sequin Clothes

Prada and Valentino were just two of the big designers who unveiled some truly spectacular sequin pieces this season, and really wanted to find a way to incorporate the sequin trend into my daily wardrobe. I didn’t want to go too crazy and buy a sequin party dress that I would only wear once, if at all, so allover sequin dresses and ball gowns were definitely out of the question. I did, however, find a piece that I think can totally work in an everyday setting – and also work for dressier occasions too when the world goes back to normal – especially when accessorized with some casual and dressed-down accompaniments.

For me, fashion is never about conforming and following the crowd; instead, I think fashion is all about putting your own stamp on things, while also getting enjoyment out of everything you wear. This is why I strive to wear my luxury pieces as much as possible, and that’s also what I’ve done with my take on the sequins trend!

This awesome sequin mini dress is definitely party-ready, especially if teamed with some sky high heels, but as I wanted to showcase how sequins can be worn casually on a day to day basis, I have accessorized it with my favorite slouch boots, and a stripe shirt. Are there any tips and tricks you have for instantly dressing down some of your dressier outfits?

Velvet Fabric

Is velvet in style for 2021? You better believe it! Now we’re getting into some real fall/winter fashion! Velvet is a great fabric for the colder seasons, as it’s heavier and therefore keeps you a lot warmer than other fabrics such as silk, satin, and even cotton would. However, as I like to mix and match and play around with everything from colors to textures to price points, I do like to team my velvet clothes with lighter pieces.

Velvet Skirts

A great example is the look I am wearing here, as I’ve teamed my velvet midi bias cut skirt with a floral Henley and Chanel slides. To take the look into colder months, perhaps at the end of the year at the height of fall, I may accessorize with my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots and throw on a Fall 2021 approved chunky knit on top to keep out the chill. I think I’m now on the lookout for a great velvet dress that I can mix and match with some of my winter accessories, just to get a head start on my winter wardrobe.

Lace Trend 2021

We’re almost at the end of my roundup of Fall 2021 inspired looks, and I’m delivering on my promise to bring you one of my favorite lace fashion looks. Lace is such a versatile trend that can be worn in all four seasons, and the aesthetic can really be determined by the color and the rest of the pieces in the outfit.

True to my mix and match style, I love adding lace to everyday objects that you might not ever think to put lace on, for example, juxtaposing delicate lace with a hardworking sock or piece of denim. It’s also great for transforming some of your old and tired pieces and giving them a new lease of life – have you ever tried buying lace and sewing it onto some old pants or sweaters you were otherwise going to throw away? It’s a game changer, and it also guarantees that you have a one of a kind piece! There’s no going back once you discover this DIY style hack! 

As well as adding lace to unconventional pieces, lace can also be used to elevate an outfit. I always try to have a few different lace shirts and blouses in my wardrobe as they instantly add that feminine touch when worn with more casual or more androgynous pieces. Case in point, my lace detail peasant blouse, which I’ve worn with wide leg cropped pants, Bottega Veneta flats, and a rancher hat. Casual cool but oh so feminine too, all thanks to the clever inclusion of some lace! 

Patterned Tights 

Printed and patterned tights have never been more popular! 

I think tights, regardless of their print or color, are always going to be a wardrobe essential. I have always been a fan of tights, as I can break the rules and wear some of my favorite miniskirts and mini dresses during the colder months just by adding a simple pair of tights. I usually feel like the summer isn’t long enough, and my summer pieces could always get just a few more outings before I put them away for good, so I always regard tights as those outfit-saving heroes that have a permanent place in my closet.   

I was always going to be sold on a trend involving tights, and as predicted, I had a huge smile on my face when I saw the printed tights trend, as they will take my fall/winter outfits to the next level! Prabal Gurung unveiled some adorable polka dot tights, which I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for; but in the meantime, I’m going to be wearing some of the printed tights that are already in my hosiery collection. 

To show that you can go as bold or as subtle as you like with fashion, I’m toning things down with my first look courtesy of some subtle black printed tights, which I’ve paired with a green summer shift dress, a black graphic tee, Chloe sunglasses, and Chanel sandals

And as I wanted to have a bit of fun with the trend too, I felt that it was time for my floral patterned tights to take centre stage and shine! I accessorized them with my staple denim mini skirt, a chunky knit sweater, and my Jimmy Choo Cruz boots

Low Waisted Jeans 

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking – why am I torturing myself and my readers by throwing low slung jeans into the mix? If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I have a love hate relationship with this trend – actually, it’s mostly hate – and my followers more or less unanimously feel the same way too.  

I’m not a glutton for punishment, but I’ve chosen to include them for experimental purposes. (Side note, I did actually study science at college, which is a fact you may or may not know about me, so I kind of like to experiment with things from time to time. And this felt like the perfect opportunity!) I already spoke about how much I was dreading the return of low slung jeans over on Instagram, as I just don’t feel that they’re suitable for anyone over the age of 20 – least of all, someone over the age of 30 who has had five children. We can have flat stomachs and be in the best shape of our lives, but we will never be ready for the return of low slung jeans!

However, as low slung jeans looked amazing on the catwalk (as they should thanks to the statuesque models and their enviable bodies!) I really wanted to experiment with how they could work in the real world, on a real person, in their thirties.

In the spirit of keeping things very real, I need to tell you that this entire post would have been brought to you a lot earlier, but it faced delays because of this Marmite low slung jeans trend, as it actually took two separate shoots and a lot of time wracking my brain on how to possibly style the jeans. This is probably my least favorite outfit on my entire blog, but I didn’t want to leave it out, just in case it inspires just one person to be brave and rock the trend. Fashion is all about confidence and doing things your own way, after all!

I’ve teamed my low waisted straight leg jeans – which are over 10 years old, and which may or may not ever see the light of day again – with a pink ribbed tank, a white military inspired vest, loafers, and a Gucci floral head scarf. What do you think of my styling choice?

Ruffles Fashion

Ruffles date back to as early as the 15th century, if you can believe it, and I love how they’re still very prominent in our modern-day wardrobe. Now more than ever thanks to the ruffle trend dominating designer collections for the past few seasons (Chanel’s white ruffled shirt from the pre-fall 2021 collection still gives me goosebumps!) with both Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 being no exception.  

I thought ruffles were a great trend to finish things off with, as although they’re a bold and out-there choice, they’re actually very versatile too. They’re a great Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 trend that can be reworked and adapted to suit the season and occasion. Plus, you can go as subtle or as daring as you like with ruffles – from a little ruffle at the end of a sleeve to a high fashion worthy ruffle dress, there are so many ways to play around. There’s potential to have a lot of fun here, so wear as you dare!

I’ve decided to go out on a high, and present a look that is quite out there for me. My children were actually very interested when I was getting dressed up in this ruffled tulle skirt, which says it all! I think my look is a cross between Margot Fonteyn and Carrie Bradshaw (how can anyone forget those iconic Sex and the City opening credits?) with an added 2021 Lily Tracy spin. I’ve dressed down the ruffled skirt by adding a simple ribbed tank, and added some more casual yet luxury vibes with my Chanel boots. I think I would feel like I had raided my little girl’s closet if I wore something more feminine on top or on my feet, so I think I chose the perfect accompaniments to keep the look to my usual style.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my interpretation of the latest Fall Winter 2021 ready-to-wear fashion trends. Let me know which look was your favorite over on my Instagram (@LilyTracy) or on my LTK account.

Thank you so much for reading!

Love, Lily x x