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Scarf Tying Tutorial: 6 Ways to Wear a Square Scarf


For decades, scarves have often been relegated to “women of a certain age” –  but that couldn’t be further from the truth! I’m so excited to see them coming back into fashion because they’re one of the most versatile items in any wardrobe. In fact, I’m almost never without a silk square scarf, since it can elevate even the simplest look. 
To take advantage of all of these scarf tying instructions, be sure to have a few adorable bobby pins and a square scarf that measures 35” x 35” (90cm x 90cm). For fashion-forward parents, a scarf that wraps twice around the head will work for children’s looks. 


Tying a Scarf Around a Bun 

1. Starting with a high, messy bun, create a triangle by folding your scarf in half

2. Choose the optimal width (between 3-5 inches) and accordion-fold the scarf loosely to end up with a long piece of fabric. I’ll call this a “long strip” for simplification.

3. With the center of the piece lined up with the back of your neck, bring the “tails” forward and tie at the forehead once. Do not create a knot. 

4. Cross the tails back around and make a gentle knot in the back of your head. 

5. Secure scarf in place with your favorite bobby pins



Tying a Scarf Around a Ponytail

1. Starting with a low ponytail, roll your square silk scarf into the same long strip.

2. Line the center of the scarf up under the ponytail. Wrap around the top, lightly tie it in place, then wrap the scarf back around the ponytail and tie again.  



Turban-Style Hair Wrap 

1. With your hair down, place the center of your long strip beneath your hair at the neckline.  

2. Pull some small hair pieces to naturally frame your face. 

3. Tie the scarf in a knot at the top of your head. 

4. Overlap the “tails” and wrap them back around. Create a knot at the neckline. 

5. Secure by attaching bobby pins along the side of your head. 



Reverse Turban-Style 

1. With your hair down, place the center of the long strip on top of your hair (at the forehead). 

2. Tie once at the back with a half-knot. 

3. Pull the scarf “tails” back up on top of your head, creating a full knot. 

4. Either leave the “tails” loose or tuck them under your scarf pleats.

5. Secure with bobby pins. 



Use a Square Scarf as a Belt 

Using the same “long strip” technique listed above, simply weave your scarf through your belt loops. This look works with square, rectangular, and long scarves alike.



Add Some Color to Your Handbag 

Looking for a way to infuse some feminine fun into your handbag? Tie a square scarf in a simple, loose knot around the handle of any purse – zero scarf tying instructions needed!