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Spring 2023 Trend Forecast – Here's How I'm Wearing The Spring/Summer 2023 Ready-To-Wear Catwalk Trends Right Now!

The Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear season is full of some super-exciting trends that I can't wait to get stuck into! From casual cargo pants to sparkly sequins, check out some fun, versatile, and stylish ways to interpret the SS23 RTW trends right now!

I know, I know – my Spring 2023 ready-to-wear trend forecasts usually come to you shortly after Paris Fashion Week comes to an end before the end of the year, but I let life, the holiday season, and a family trip to Hawaii (more on this later!) get in the way.

This has nothing to do with the trends themselves, as au contraire, I actually think the Spring 2023 trends were nothing short of explosive, and I was SO excited to start playing around and showcase how some of the trends could be worn ASAP – i.e., adapted for the fall and winter months without having to wait for the new year and the new season! I didn’t want to leave anything out as I felt there was so much fun to be had with the new trends, so I hope it was worth the wait!  

What Are The Fashion Trends For Spring 2023?

There was a LOT to get excited about in the Spring/Summer 2023 Ready-to-Wear collections which were presented in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. We saw super casual trends like cargo pants which made me do a little dance inside, more adventurous ones such as metallic, sequins, and sheer, classic and versatile ones such as button downs and sheer fabrics, and not to mention a brand new way to wear florals that would excite even Miranda Priestly.

Spring 2023 Looks To Wear Right Now

This was perhaps one of the most exciting Spring 2023 fashion seasons I have seen in a long time, so I hope you love my interpretations of the trends as much as I have loved putting the looks together! Read on to discover the ways I am wearing the Spring 2023 style trends right now…

Metallic Trend 2023

The metallic trend was all over the Valentino, Chloe, Gucci, and Isabel Marant runways, which was perfect for the festive season and beyond. Of course, I, and fellow magpies, think there's never a wrong time for metallics, but it's particularly great over the holidays (I definitely wore more than one metallic piece over Christmas!) especially if you want fun ways to stand out without going down the traditional red and white Christmas hues route.

I've embraced the trend by wearing a metallic button down shirt with tailored pants, Nina Payne lace up booties, a fringe detail shawl, and my Chanel 22 bag which complements the purple tones in the shawl perfectly. I think this outfit is chic and smart enough to wear to holiday parties and festive activities with friends, as well as throughout the rest of the year, but the shirt can be worn with so many other pieces from casual jeans to even leggings which makes it a perfect year-round staple!

Cargo Pants For Women

Of course I was giddy with excitement when I saw that Givenchy, Versace, Isabel Marant, Fendi, and Andreadamo were among the designers who deemed cargo pants a Spring 2023 trend. Because what's not to love about the 90s throwback casual pieces?!

I predict that I'm going to be living in these teal low rise cargo pants in the spring/summer season! On this occasion, I teamed them with some black bike shorts underneath, which is a great trick if you want to wear low-rise pants but don't want to expose as much skin, alongside my ribbed thermal, and cozy slippers that I bought 10 years ago from American Eagle. I will add more summery pieces when the weather gets a little warmer, and create new looks each and every time! Obsessed!


Goth And Punk Clothing

You wouldn’t think that I would love the gothic trend given my love for more feminine pieces and neutral colors, but I am actually a huge fan, and was so happy to see gothic and punk rock style on the Gucci, Prada and Jil Sander (to name just three Spring 2023 runways). It's refreshing to see punk rock fashion in the spring/summer collections as opposed to the winter ones, as I love the idea of thinking outside the box!

For my current take on the trend, I decided that an all-black color palette was the way to go! I'm wearing some black skinny jeans – the first step in any punk/goth look I think you'll agree – teamed with my black acid wash bodysuit, Free People ruffle jacket, Valentino combat boots, and Valentino Rockstud bag. The Valentino Rockstud collection from its bags to its shoes was made for this trend!


Sheer Trend SS23

The A-listers have been rocking the sheer trend on the red carpet for a while now, and while I don’t think I will be in any hurry to compete with some of their barely-there outfits, I found that there is a meet-in-the-middle way to embrace the trend without flashing the flesh.

Valentino, Givenchy, Victoria Beckham, Off White, Burberry, Prada and Tom Ford all went sheer for their latest collections, giving us lots of different ways to interpret the trend! I've also decided to provide two options on the sometimes controversial but always versatile trend, to prove that you can pay homage to the above designers in a way you feel comfortable with.

How To Wear Sheer Tops

Look 1

For my first look, I started off with a sheer lace layering top (spoiler alert – layering is one of the best tricks in regards to how to wear the sheer trend without exposing too much skin!) and a cream button down cardigan, with my pleated denim blue pants and Chanel 19 bag. So effortless!

Look 2

And for my second look, I once again made full use of the layering trick and teamed a sheer tank with a stripe workout top, finished off with a blue stripe maxi skirt for something a little bit different, Jeffrey C’s bell pearl booties, a heart knit cardigan, and a knit slouchie beanie hat. I particularly love this look as it proves how you can incorporate the spring/summer trends into a winter wardrobe, proving everyone who says you have to sacrifice warmth for fashion wrong!

Button Down Dresses/ Shirts  

I was thrilled to see button down dresses on the Proenza Schouler and Lequan Smith runways, as it's pretty obvious that I love the button down shirt trend! I wanted to show two different looks for this trend too – firstly in dress form and then in a more casual oversized fashion, just to prove that there is no wrong way to interpret this trend, and the opportunities are practically endless!

Look 1

I love my plaid button down dress, which I think is great for the fall/winter season due to the plaid print, which I teamed with a statement corset belt to give added shape and an Anthropologie knit cardigan to add even more warmth. I finished off with some Chanel lace up boots – which I will be swapping out for more spring/summer appropriate footwear in the next few months – and my Gucci bucket bag.

Look 2

I love this casual cool look consisting of a bell sleeve white oversized button down, golden velvet flares – which are another rising trend, I'm very excited to say – and my YSL sneakers and Chanel 19 bag. This button down will get so many outings over the next few months – it will be layered with a lot of other fall/winter pieces and even be used as a cover up on the beach when the weather gets a lot warmer!

Button Down vs Button Up

What is the difference between button down and button up?

This is a really good question, as I have sometimes seen button downs and button ups mislabeled – but the difference is actually really simple! A button up shirt is a shirt that has buttons running up the front and is considered to be the more formal option, whereas a button down shirt looks the same, but has additional buttons on the collar. See, I told you it was simple! And as button downs are considered the more casual option, it’s pretty obvious why I favor that one in my day to day wardrobe!

Fun fact – well, fun for me because I love my history – the button down shirt was first designed for English polo players way back in 1869. The sole purpose of attaching buttons to the collars was so their collars wouldn’t flap around in the wind and impair their vision while they were on horseback, which is also why button downs are now regarded as sportier and more casual as opposed to the button up.


2023 Florals

I bet the designers must have a hard time trying to think of new and inventive ways to present florals every spring/summer season – because forgoing them altogether is simply not an option! I love how the floral trend was presented this season, especially at Carolina Herrera, which was thanks to gorgeous 3D florals, appliqué detailing and embroidery.

How To Wear Florals In Winter

Look 1

I loved this floral light weight jacket as soon as I saw it – especially because I knew I had a plaid shacket in the same color palette that would complement it so well! I've mixed and matched prints and textures by pairing the plaid shacket on top of the floral jacket, and kept the rest of the look simple and casual with some Spanx faux leather leggings and Jimmy Choo sneakers. Do you love the mixing and matching as much as I do?!

Look 2

A great way to make florals fall/winter appropriate is to go with a darker color palette, which is why I've chosen these dark floral wide leg pants! I teamed them with my Free People waffle button down, Chanel espadrilles, and cream Chanel 19 bag.

Ombré Clothing

Ombré is going a lot further than hair and nails this season; and I'm here for it!  Ferrari, Ferragamo, and Etro debuted some intricate and interesting ombre pieces on the Spring 2023 runways; and I for one was so happy to see this trend, as it's so easy to adapt for all four seasons and easily incorporate into your wardrobe whatever the weather and whatever the occasion.

Look 1:

I couldn’t wait to start wearing this trend, as I already had some great contenders in my closet! As you know, I'm obsessed with vests. This ombré star crochet vest is always a fall/winter hero not just in terms of keeping out the chill but in terms of adding a dash of color and versatility to look! I teamed it with a cobalt blue layering top to bring out the blue tones of the rest of the outfit, as well as pleated linen pants, Dior espadrilles, and my Bottega Veneta cassette bag to complement the deeper red hues in the vest top. So versatile, and something I will be wearing regardless of the runway trends!

Look 2:

Another fab piece that I can just throw on to save or build an outfit is my ombré crochet duster, which comes in the most gorgeous pastel spring hues, yet is versatile enough to wear for all four seasons. I teamed it with my ancient grey cotton winter dress, my trusty Levis denim jacket, some Alexandre Birman boots and my boho Chloe Faye bag


Wide Leg Jeans

Speaking of wide-leg jeans, I was so pumped to see that these have the catwalk seal of approval next season! Loose, wide leg jeans are back, and they were paired with a flannel at Bottega Veneta or bodysuit at Bally – and they're both excellent styling choices which I will be copying several times over this season and next!

Are wide leg pants in style in 2023? You betcha! For this occasion, I gave my BLANKNYC wide leg jeans another well-deserved outing (I feel they're going to be one of my hardest working pairs of jeans over the next few months!) teamed with a Dior graphic T, heavy flannel jacket, a beanie for warmth, and comfy Balmain chunky sneakers. I would easily swap out the sneakers for some espadrilles or my white or denim Hermes Orans when the weather gets a little warmer!

Satin fabrics

I love the romantic and feminine look and feel of silk and satin fabrics, and think there are so many wonderful pieces that come out for the spring/summer season, so I wasn’t surprised to see so much satin at Victoria Beckham, Valentino, Prada, and Michael Kors.

Satin is so easy to wear in the spring and summer months, but it can also be adapted for this current fall/winter season too, as I hope I have proven with my outfit consisting of a satin floral slip dress, plaid button-down, Jimmy Choo Cruz boots, baseball cap, and my Bottega Veneta cassette bag, which I always rely on for a splash of color in otherwise monochrome outfits, or to bring out subtle red tones, which can be seen in the plaid button down.

The Color Green

Green is continuing its fashion takeover! Just like dark green dominated over the past six months, other shades of green, including lime green and even luminous green for those more adventurous fashionistas, are going to be getting their time in the spotlight this spring/summer thanks to Michael Kors, Fendi, Valentino, Saint Laurent and Givenchy.

SS23 Color Palette

I love injecting a splash of color to an otherwise neutral or monochrome outfit by way of one single piece or accessory, which is what I've done here by wearing a lime green crop top. Wearing a crop top over my white staple layering top shows that no items of clothing are impossible to wear, and it is possible to wear a crop top even in the colder months, and without the need to show your abs to the world. I finished the look off with a longline cardigan to keep out the chill, Still Here NYC cowgirl jeans, my Burberry cap, Chanel sneakers, and Chanel 19 bag.

Sequins Spring 2023

Are sequins in style in 2023? Valentino, Ferragamo, Giambattista Valli, Tom Ford, and Michael Kors were among the designers who offered up sequins for the new season; and although you wouldn’t normally catch me in a head-to-toe sequin ensemble reminiscent of a Las Vegas showgirl, I definitely wanted to have a little fun and explore this trend in my own way with not one but two looks! 

Gold Sequin Top

Look 1:

For my first look, I decided to mix and match textures and patterns and layer my gold sequin top – which could just as easily be the standalone hero piece of another look – with my patterned slip dress, adding Chanel ankle boots to toughen up the look even more.

Look 2:

The gold sequin layering top deserves even more time to shine (literally) which is why I wanted to give it another moment in the spotlight – this time, paired with a sky-blue Balmain blazer (I love how the two colors complement each other and how the blazer instantly elevates the look) teamed with light gray barrel jeans and the same Chanel ankle boots.

Chiffon, Silk Tops And Blouses

A great trend for all four seasons, so I didn’t need much convincing to put this look together! I paired an Isabel Marant chiffon white blouse – which I think everyone needs in their closet as it's such an elegant and romantic piece that goes with absolutely EVERYTHING and can be worn over and under a number of different pieces – with my denim blue pleated pants to keep the color palette streamlined, while my darker Chloe brogues and Prada flap bag brought the look back into the fall/winter season. When the weather gets warmer, I'll swap out the shoes and bag for something more summer appropriate.

Fringe And Tassels

Designers such as Valentino, Givenchy, Jil Sander, Bottega Veneta and Michael Kors offered up some great fringe and tasseled pieces on the catwalks this season (think more New Year's party rather than Wild, Wild West) and I was obsessed from the moment I saw them!  

I rolled two trends into one with this fun fringe sequin vest, which is great to wear over a number of different items in my closet, teamed with a sea blue ruched velvet blouse, grey barrel jeans, Bottega Veneta tire boots, and my Chloe Faye bag. This is a real mix and match look that mixes both fancy and casual, and throws some of my favorite trends and pieces together without really trying.

Lace And Laser Cut

Is anything more romantic and ethereal than lace? That's a rhetorical question, because I think the answer is a hard, 'no!' Carolina Herrera, Naeem Khan, Jonathan Simkhai, and Proenza Schouler debuted some great lace shirts and skirts, as well as laser cut dresses to really mix things up, and I couldn't wait to incorporate these into my current wardrobe. Come rain or shine, there is always a place for lace as it instantly elevates even the most casual of ensembles!

Lace Trend 2023

I instantly grabbed my laser cut lace mini skirt – which we all know I will be wearing with more summer-ready pieces in a few months – with a white lace layering top and a black longline vest to add some edge and versatility and really prove that this is a fall/winter look, alongside my Louis Vuitton loafers and Chanel flap bag. Akin to my trusty baseball caps, I predict you'll be seeing the lace mini skirt in my blog posts and on my Instagram many, many times in 2023!

Oversized Blazer Dresses

I've always believed that blazers are about so much more than officewear, as one of my favorite styling combos is a chic blazer teamed with a casual pair of jeans. I knew that, despite not working in an office, my Balmain blazer, for example, was going to get a LOT of wear due to me wearing it in this unconventional and versatile way. So with this in mind, I was so happy to see that oversized blazer dresses were prominent on the catwalks, with the ones at Valentino being particularly swoon-worthy!

How Do You Style An Oversized Women's Blazer?

Blazer dresses just WORK, and you don’t have to pair them with anything else if you don't want to! What do you wear under an oversized blazer dress, you ask? For colder months, I would wear mine with everything from tights to leggings to skinny jeans and even mini and midi skirts, and for warmer months, wear them on their own with a variety of different footwear options ranging from super casual sneakers to super fancy heels. On this occasion, I teamed my oversized blue blazer with some patterned tights, Stuart Weitzman 5050 black over-the-knee boots, and my Chanel bag.

Leather – But Make It Summer

Can you wear leather in the summer? Wearing leather in the summer extends much further than toting your favorite leather jacket with you on all occasions on the off chance you get a little chilly in the evening. This season, I want to give summery leather its time in the spotlight; and for me, summery leather means leather in lighter colors and even in the form of more summer-appropriate pieces. (Disclaimer- this in no way replaces the leather jacket, which is an undisputed staple for all four seasons and will never, ever stop being so!) 

I teamed my BLANKNYC cropped blue jeans, which are going to be one of my favorites for summer, with a butterfly peasant blouse, my leather ruffle vest (do you think it's as cute as I do? I love how ruffles and leather, two things you wouldn’t normally team together, have come together for this piece, my Louis Vuitton loafers and finishing off with my Bottega Veneta cassette bag which brings out the red colors in my blouse perfectly.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my trends forecast for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2023 Season and how I've been incorporating them in my current wardrobe.

'Til next time!

Love, Lily x x