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WHAT TO WEAR AT CHRISTMAS: Here's Everything I'm Wearing This Holiday Season

I'm so excited about the holiday season this year. Well, I'm never not excited, but this will be our very first Christmas in our brand new home in Texas, so it's already going to be an extra-special one that our family will never forget. I have always loved the holidays – spending time with loved ones, cozy nights in with hot chocolate and Christmas carols, seeing the joy on our kids' faces during this time, the overall Christmas magic, there's nothing like it!

What To Wear At Christmas

There are two very different dress codes for the holiday season – Christmas dress codes either mean the comfiest loungewear and Christmas pajamas for those aforementioned cozy nights in, and also the most fun, extra-special pieces that you may have been saving for a worthy occasion all year. Those special occasions are everything from Christmas parties (pandemic rules, permitting of course) to just getting dressed up to see your loved ones and exchange gifts. You don't need an excuse to dress up for the holidays, which is why I'm truly in my element.

Christmas Outfits For Ladies

I wanted to be very real with you when writing this post – as much as I wanted to fill the post with fun holiday party outfits, I know that you won't believe that that's all I have been wearing during the month of December – and I myself know that everyone has these two very different stark contrast dress codes. So I did what I love most and mixed and matched, giving you guys a taste of my extremely comfy and casual Christmas outfits, as well as my sparkly festive party season favorites too. Variety is the spice of life, as they say!

So without further ado, let's check out all the fun and festive pieces that I have been and will be wearing over the holidays this year. Needless to say, I love them all!

Look 1

You may remember getting a sneak peek of this outfit a few weeks ago, as I couldn’t wait to share it with you on Instagram. This is my go-to lounging around the house outfit right now, as it has a little bit of everything I love. The purple flare pants not only add a pop of color to instantly elevate my mood, but they're a comfy yet stylish alternative to lounge pants. The long sleeve mix print tunic is another fave, as it's warm, super-comfy, yet also makes a statement thanks to the attention-grabbing stripe print. I always think that choosing simple comfy pieces that have something a little special to them, i.e. they come in a fun color or have a print that will make someone look twice, is a great way to incorporate style and comfort. I've finished off my look by adding some statement sneakers (you can't get comfier than that, right?) as well as my Hermès cap (baseball caps are great for hiding unwashed mom hair or overgrown roots, but also great for adding a touch of luxury too! It's no wonder I have a life-long love-affair with them!) and my Bottega Veneta Jodie bag.


Look 2

This is one of my most treasured things I've worn over the past few months. I wore this outfit on a super fun triple date to my favorite sushi restaurant, aka holiday fete night, and I had such a great time reconnecting with friends and laughing the night away. I wanted an outfit that would be chic enough for a night out, but also comfortable enough for a night of unrestricted eating and drinking, and I think this outfit is the perfect balance.

Date Night Outfits

I paired a cute tunic dress with some mix print tights, which I was so excited to wear ever since discovering that printed tights are a huge Spring 2022 trend – as well as a black lightweight blazer to sharpen the look up, some slouch boots which served the purpose of being warm as well as stylish, and my Chanel flap bag, which is a timeless accessory that was worth the investment as it goes with absolutely everything and elevates even the most casual of ensembles. Another note about the boots – I love these block heel boots so much because firstly, they come in the Lily Tracy approved lighter shade, so can be worn even in warmer seasons without making the look seem too wintry, and also because of the block chunky heel, as they are so comfortable to stand and walk in!


Look 3

Now onto a cozy and comfy school pickup outfit, which is something I will be wearing for a very long time, not just over the holidays! Here, I'm wearing an oversized Hoodie, which I've accessorized with a fringe detail shawl, which I think really adds some dimension and edge to an otherwise potentially shapeless look that I could very easily drown in – especially when foregoing skinny jeans and going for something like wide leg jeans, which I have done here. I love my wide leg jeans as they're so comfortable and easy to wear, so adding something like a shawl or any other kind of interesting layer automatically gives the look some shape. I've finished the look off with my Loeffler Randall sneakers, and my cashmere hat


Look 4

For my daughter's Nutcracker dance performance, I wanted something a little sharper than my usual school pickup attire, see above, but something that still said off duty mom of five. Skinny jeans and a fun blouse or shirt are always a great option for such an occasion, so I wore my black skinny jeans, a chambray smock blouse, and added some chic accessories such as my Chloe brogues, a statement belt, and my failsafe Chanel 19 bag.

I love how this bag can be worn cross body, leaving my hands free for much-needed applause during the performance. A simple look that can be put together in just a couple of minutes!

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Look 5

I hosted Thanksgiving this year, so I wanted to wear something that would be easy for me to run around after the kids in, as well as tend to the cooking and all other hosting duties, while also getting into the holiday spirit and dress up for the occasion. I thought my floral velvet midi skirt was a great choice, and I teamed it with a white buttondown – a brave choice when surrounded by so much food and drink, but I can assure you that it remained unharmed for the entire day, which I'm super happy about. I added a sweater vest for some added warmth and dimension, and my Chloe Franne boots which are getting quite a lot of outings at the moment. And why shouldn't they? They're one of my best-loved purchases!

Tight Curls Hairstyles

I styled my hair in some tight curls (if you want to know how I curl my hair, you can see the method I use on my @Lily_Tracy Instagram account – we all have different ways of curling, but this is just the way I currently do it) which I always think elevates an outfit and completes the whole look. There's nothing like getting your hair and/or makeup done for a special occasion, and I always feel like I have made that tiny bit of extra effort when I take a little more time styling my hair. Always a luxury when you're a busy mom, am I right?


Look 6

Another great example of how adding a few luxury pieces to some very casual pieces can elevate the entire outfit! For my grocery shopping run, I've teamed some Corduroys with a cuff detail Henley, a Free People dolman quilted jacket, my Chanel boots, and a Valentino candy stud bag to fit all my essentials!

Casual Christmas Outfits

I don’t think Corduroys get enough credit, but I wouldn’t be able to live without all of mine, as I think they’re a great alternative to some of our comfy and casual faves such as leggings, khacki pants, or even jeans. They're so easy to throw on and accessorize around, and I also love how they come in a variety of different colors, which you definitely don't get with jeans. I always feel a lot better when I'm wearing lighter colors, which is why I always reach for colorful pieces even in the winter months.

Look 7

Bundling up in lots of layers is great for transitioning from one season to another, but it can sometimes leave people a little uninspired with their fashion choices, as they're worried that they won’t be able to make a statement. I always feel that adding bold colors or vivid prints is a great way to spruce up a winter wardrobe and stop you from feeling drowned in lots of layers – and the greatest print is undoubtedly leopard print. When has anyone ever not felt fierce and ready to conquer the world when wearing leopard print?!

I Love My Leopard Print Sweater Dress

I adore my leopard sweater dress, as it enables me to keep out the chill while still maintaining my style prowess; win, win! On this occasion, I've braved the chill and worn it with my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots (which are actually so effective in keeping me warm)! Luckily, winter in Texas is currently quite mild, so this exact outfit combo is perfect; but if the temperature starts to drop and if bare legs are not an option, I will add some leggings or even tights to the look. Adding warmth by way of a vest or cropped jacket are other great examples that enable you to show off your outfit while staying warm at the same time, which is exactly what I've done with my shearling vest – always a winter fave for this exact reason – and my Chanel 19 bag.


Fun School Pick Up Outfits

Look 8

Another casual but "I tried a bit" outfit for school drop offs and pickups when the weather is a little chilly. You can seldom go wrong with jeans and a warm sweater, which is why I always ensure I have some of my warm winter staples at the front of my closet, ready for me to grab with just a moment's notice.

This shrug sweater set is a fun addition to my closet that's a little bit different to the traditional sweater – and I love it! I've gone for one of my trademark color combos, but I wouldn’t be opposed to buying a few more in other colors. A few pastel colors would be very dreamy to wear over the winter! I teamed my sweater set with my straight leg jeans – always a good option for more casual affairs – and added my Chanel espadrilles, a Burberry cap (again, for style but it also doubles up as time-saving hair savior!) and my Bottega Veneta Jodie bag.


What To Wear To A Christmas Party

Look 9

And now we're finally onto the fun stuff! You know I love my casual ensembles, but nothing makes me happier than getting dressed up over the holidays – and I think this first holiday party approved look is a great one to start with!

This look is great for holiday parties at friends' houses for example, or even fancy dinners at restaurants which are followed by cocktails, as it's a tad more understated and versatile than traditional nightclub attire such as a barely-there mini dress and stilettos. Styling a mini dress with tights, leggings, or even jeans in some cases is a great hack if you want something versatile or just more weather appropriate. I will definitely be wearing my violet mini dress, and Spanx velvet leggings to see friends over the holidays, as I think it's such a fun look. Especially when teamed with festive sparkly pieces such as my Louis Vuitton shimmer shawl, Jimmy Choo pumps, and a Bottega Veneta pouch bag in a very Christmassy hue.

Christmas Party Dresses 2021

Look 10

When in doubt, add some sparkle or shine! If you want to dazzle people over the holidays, I think it's always best to literally dazzle them by way of some sequins or metallic pieces. Extra points if it's in a Christmas-approved color like red, green, gold or silver, for example. I love the sequins and metallic trend, but I do currently tend to lean towards the latter, which actually works in my favor right now as liquid metal is a huge Spring 2022 fashion trend. I would never completely rule out sequins this year though, and if I was to wear the trend this holiday season, I would repeat last year's style choice and still keep the rest of the look casual. If you cast your minds back to last Christmas, you may remember that I wore a gorgeous sequin maxi skirt, which I teamed with a tee, baseball cap (of course!), denim jacket and sneakers.

My hero piece of this party-approved outfit is my copper midi slip dress, which I want to wear at least once this holiday season, and I've teamed it with a shrug sweater to keep out the chill and make the look a tiny bit more casual, Spring 2022-approved patterned heart tights, my Jimmy Choo Cruz boots for an extra touch of sparkle, and my Bottega Veneta pouch for some added festive color.


Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Look 11

If someone asked you what two colors you associated most with Christmas, you would instantly say red and green, right? I wanted to experiment with the most traditional festive colors, and I think I've succeeded in creating one of the most Christmassy party outfits I've ever worn! This look has made me even more excited for the big day, and I think wearing red and green will put even those who are a little bit of a Grinch about the holidays into the festive spirit!

Traditional Christmas Outfits

My traditional Christmas look consists of this gorgeous green jumpsuit – it even has a bow on it! No outfit can get more Christmassy than that, right?! – and the cropped bottoms are the perfect length for me to add some statement footwear that are guaranteed to stand out! My red Valentino Rockstud pumps are made to be seen, so I usually like to save them for mini or midi skirts, dresses or cropped pants so they can have their well-deserved moment. Pairing them with this festive green jumpsuit was a no brainer; I love the contrast of the two colors, even more so when juxtaposed with the black and gold colors in my Prada mini flap bag.


What To Wear To A New Year's Eve Party

Look 12

Let's go out with a bang and finish off with the most fabulous piece, i.e., this tulle bow tie midi dress that needs absolutely no introduction. No need for me to sing its praises with lots of hyperbolic statements, because I think this strapless midi dress says it all! I would be honored to attend a New Year's Eve party in this dress, and would love nothing more than to ring in 2022 in one of the fanciest dresses in my closet right now.

It's everything I look for in an evening dress – the light pastel color is very me, and the length is perfect – long enough to be classed as a long evening dress, but cropped enough to show off my footwear. And I wouldn’t want to hide my footwear, as my sparkly Jimmy Choo Romy pumps are among my favorites that I like to save for such special occasions. I thought my Valentino Rockstud mini flap bag matched this look perfectly in terms of color, but I also love how the floral print in the bag adds tiny pops of other colors too.

Thank you for reading my post detailing what I'll be wearing this holiday season! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays! And here's to an incredible 2022! Love, Lily x x