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How To Elevate Your Fall Wardrobe With Just A Few Crucial Accessories

To quote Oscar de la Renta himself, “a woman makes an outfit her own with accessories”. And as you may have already guessed, I couldn’t agree more! I truly believe in the power of a good accessory – or five – and love how they can transform even the simplest of outfits. Not only do they add the finishing touches to outfits, but the right accessories can personalize them, helping you make every single look your own. And that is one of the many reasons I love to express myself through fashion…


Fall 2020 Accessories 

I’m going to show you some of my (what I refer to as) hero accessories – the accessories that I rely on to take my outfits to new heights. Take a look at some of the outfits I have been wearing this fall, which have been personalized and elevated with a few simple yet stand-out pieces…


Silk Scarves And Cashmere Scarves

Winter scarves are a multi-functional, hard-working accessory, as not only do they keep out the chill, but they can be added to pretty much anything!



I took advantage of the pastel tones in this Burberry Half Mega Checked scarf  (very on-trend right now – keep your eyes peeled for my next posts about the new season trends) and teamed it with my favorite skinny jeans from Gap, a pastel hued shirt, and Sam Edelman lug boots to really bring out the colors. Anyone who knows me knows that I prefer light pastels to darker tones that are more commonly associated with the fall and winter seasons. I think the gray in the cashmere scarf juxtaposes with the pink wonderfully, making it a great fall accessory that can be worn for all four seasons and go with a lot of items in my wardrobe. Feminine, yet season appropriate.

The Perfect Burberry Check Wool Scarf

The epitome of fall! The warm, autumnal orange and red hues in this Burberry check wool silk scarf just scream fall to me, and I always reach for it during this time of year. I’ve teamed it with a very autumnal rust colored Uma utility jacket, ribbed midi dress, and of course, my boots of the moment, the Chanel boots. And of course, some chunky knit boot socks for added warmth. 


Not Just A Scarf – How To Wear A Scarf In Your Hair

I’ve previously worn my winter scarves as a belt to give my look some color or femininity, and also used smaller, silk scarves in my hair for something a little bit different. I’ve teamed my Gap skinny jeans with a satin blouse, J’Adior heeled sandals and a stunning fall colored Hermes scarf, and this is truly one of my favorite fall looks. (Click here to see some of the other ways I wear silk scarves, which also features a tutorial on how to wrap a silk scarf for different looks.)

You can’t go wrong with a Hermes silk scarf. I’ve used mine to add a pop of color by wearing it on my head as a head scarf, although I also love the idea of tying it to handbags, using it as a hair ribbon, or unique bracelet, and of course, tying it around my neck as it was originally intended.

“Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day” – Giorgio Armani

Fashionable Women’s Belts

Belts are outfit saviors for so many reasons. Belts such as this skinny high waist bow belt and Hermes belt can be used with oversize, casual ensembles to nip in the waist, and also to add some color and edge to an outfit.

I’ve used a scarf as a belt with my long sleeved midi dress as it adds dimension to my silhouette, not to mention some femininity thanks to the design. This also means that I can get away with wearing something more androgynous on my feet – like my Bottega Veneta BV tire boots.

Belts are great for adding to cute summer dresses, but they also really elevate fall outfits. Some oversize knits can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you have a petite frame; so occasionally pairing them with a belt can really transform the look. They’re also great for literally tying the whole look together, like I did with my long green dress and long fall cardigan.

“Accessories are like vitamins to fashion” - Anna Dello Russo


Statement Sunglasses For Fall

Another accessory that is as practical as it is fashionable. To minimize the risk of UV damage from the sun (which we still get a lot of living in Colorado) I believe that sunglasses are a year-round accessory.


I love the gold detailing in my Cartier Eyewear tinted aviator sunglasses as it means I can wear any gold jewelry with them for an effortless matching look. They also complement the golden tones of my hair, which is why I’m partial to wearing my hair down and in loose curls when I wear them, for a seamless look.

My Chloe Carlina chain sunglasses are also among my favorites, as they instantly elevate even my most casual of outfits. It’s impossible to not look stylish when wearing these. And yes, you can spy a scarf worn as a belt. Again, I like to match my sunglasses to my hair or my outfits, which is why I have teamed them with my Gap skinny jeans, an Everest Solid Henley top, and Jimmy Choo boots, as well as my Medusa Lock icon leather strap watch.


Women’s Watches

And speaking of watches… I totally get why men and women are obsessed with luxury watches. Watches go with absolutely everything, and there’s no right or wrong way to wear or style one. I love classic women’s watches, but also love watches that are a little bit outside the box.

The Versace
Medusa Lock icon leather strap watch is a great example of a watch that is a little bit different but still manages to fit in with everything else you have going on. I like wearing both of the Versace watch straps at the same time, as I love the juxtaposition of the baby pink and baby blue hues together with the stunning gold lock detailing. If you find a one-of-a-kind piece that makes you beam from ear to ear when you wear it, just buy it and wear it with confidence!


Bracelets And Cuffs

How simple is it to slip a bracelet or two onto your wrist and know that you’ve instantly taken your look to new heights? Bracelets are great for fall/winter, as you can wear them on top of sweaters to make them pop, and essentially breathe new life into knitwear.

“If there was a choice on spending a lot of money on accessories or dress, I always chose accessories. I think jewelry can change an outfit more than anything else” – Iris Apfel

Christian Dior Friendship Bracelets

I have quite a few luxury bracelets in my jewelry collection, and the Christian Dior woven cotton J’Adior Friendship Bracelet set, as well as the Hermes Box Collier de Chien CDC Bracelet are among my favorites. I’m sure you’ve spied these on my social media several times, and I have no regrets about just how often I am spotted wearing them. How many times can you spot them in this post?

Women’s Earrings

Earrings are the other accessories you will find throughout most of my blog posts and social media pictures.

I am seldom without my earrings, and literally wear the same ones (
Square hoop huggies Star and Moon Huggies Spike huggies Gold Shaker Huggie Hoops) every day. Yes, I even sleep with them in because I’m a busy momma. However, I do occasionally switch out the Dior 30 Montaigne Hoop Earrings and Gucci Bee Earrings, but my trusty Huggies live on my ears all year round. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Warm Winter Hats

I could write about hats forever! I like to mix and match my accessories to complement my outfits, so will either select a bright or pastel hat to add some color, or choose one in a matching or complementary shade to elevate the look. Either way, you can never have too many hats for fall…

Casual Beanie Hats

Floppy sun hats may have been put away, but in their place are a whole host of other cool hats. The comfy, cozy beanie hat like the Gia beanie (which I’ve attached a gold, oversize safety pin to for some added wow factor) and teamed with my favorite Levi denim jacket and a staple ribbed tank is one of my favorite fall/winter accessories. For starters, it disguises bad hair days, and it also completes any cozy fall outfit perfectly.


Pre-loved Fashion Accessories

Grey Chanel Beanie

But there’s no such thing as casual or ill-informed when Chanel is thrown into the mix. I’ve teamed my simple sweats and sweater outfit with an equally casual beanie. But not just any beanie, as this Chanel beanie is a true statement piece that elevates even the most casual of outfits. I’ve linked to Chanel beanie hats from the current season, but I actually bought this Chanel beanie pre-loved quite a while ago. It holds a special place in my heart, just like all of my pre-loved items do.

I’m all about sustainable fashion, and get just as much enjoyment from shopping for second hand luxury accessories as I do from shopping from hot-off-the-runway new season pieces. Not only is shopping second hand a more affordable option, but I also feel a great sense of accomplishment if I’ve managed to find a luxury item in excellent condition second hand. Plus, I’m helping our planet by not contributing to fast fashion, and also helping a fellow fashionista who can now put the funds from the sale to another equally stylish purchase. The circle of life… or should we say fashion?

Other Stylish Women’s Hats For Fall

Beanie hats are only the beginning. You may have seen my Carolina Trimmed rancher and Ashton trimmed boater in a few other posts, as I absolutely adore them because they’re so versatile. For example, I recently wanted to create a monochrome look with a difference, and paired some burgundy Aviva slim utility pants with a lighter colored boucle sweater tank, and found that the rancher hat and Chanel boots tied the whole look together perfectly.

My Christian
Dior Bucket Hat is another great accessory, as it works with so many outfits. I’ve worn mine with a green Pilar midi dress from Anthropologie and black LV loafers (as well as the Christian Dior woven cotton J’Adior Friendship Bracelet set which you’ll find constantly unapologetically cropping up in the majority of my posts) which is great for this weather as it isn’t too cold yet; but I’m confident it will work just as well with neutral toned khakis and a sweater when it gets a little chillier.


“Accessories are everything. To me, they're more important than the clothes” – Rachel Zoe


Women’s Hair Accessories

I’ve already raved about wearing scarves in my hair as a headband, but truth be told, I love all hair accessories. And Carrie Bradshaw would be eating her words, as hair scrunchies are definitely in right now – especially gorgeous silk ones in vibrant patterns and designs.

Gently tying your hair back in a loose pony is very on-trend, and it’s also a huge time-saving mom-hack for those days when you don’t quite have enough time (or energy) to fully style your hair.


Women’s Hair Bows

I will never outgrow wearing a pretty bow in my hair. I always like to have a selection of cute hair clips and hair bows such as the AWAYTR hair bows in my rotation, as adding them to my hair effortlessly complements or adds femininity to certain outfits. For example, simply adding them to some utility pants and a classic tie dye button down has transformed the outfit in an instant!

So, what do you think? Will you invest in some of these accessories? Do you have a favorite look? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

Click here to shop all of the pieces I’ve mentioned in this post – and don’t forget to check out my other looks and styling ideas here.


Thanks for reading!


Love, Lily xx