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Fashion Month Spring 2021 – How I’m Incorporating New Season Pieces Into My Current Fall Wardrobe

The latest spring 2021 fashion – but for fall…

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, spring 2021 debuted in fun digital presentation form as opposed to the traditional catwalks this September. But that doesn’t mean the collections were any less spectacular…

Fashion Trends Spring 2021

I’ve always found the unveiling of the latest runway fashion trends somewhat bittersweet. On the one hand, I love seeing the brand new trends that the world’s biggest designers have been working on; but on the other hand, I’m quite impatient, and I want to start wearing the new season pieces as soon as I see them – especially if it’s a comeback piece I already have in my closet from seasons past. As well as the fact that the exact fashion spring 2021 runway pieces aren’t available to us mere mortals for several months, the weather also prohibits us from delving straight into some of the new season pieces. A summer swimsuit definitely isn’t on my to-wear list any time soon!

However, I didn’t want to let the weather stand in the way of me exploring some of my favorite trends from the spring 2021 catwalks – especially as the latest trends seem to be quite seasonless. Fashion is so fast and “blink and you’ll miss it” these days, but it’s no secret that I love both high end and affordable sustainable fashion, and getting the most out of my pieces. So I thought I should make the most of every single season and make it work for me all year round.

Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends  

Stay tuned for how I’ll be wearing the spring 2021 trends in, you guessed it, the spring. But for the time being, take a look at how I am incorporating the spring 2021 fashion trends into my fall/winter wardrobe. I hope you like what I’ve put together…

Fall Fashion

Burnt Orange/Orange Ochre

I did a little dance when I discovered that this was one of the biggest trends of the spring 2021 season – especially during New York Fashion Week. Burnt orange has very autumnal vibes, which makes it the perfect trend to start off with. You only have to look at my Instagram or LikeToKnow.it for a few seconds to know that I’ve been a fan of this color for quite a while, so it’s pretty easy for me to incorporate everything from big pieces to little subtle nods into my fall outfits. It’s a very versatile hue, so I know it can work with chunky winter knits and cool springtime pieces too.

I’ve made the most of the current Colorado weather (i.e. cool but not cold enough for the chunkiest knits to make an appearance) and worn a burnt orange
sweatshirt dress which I know I will be wearing again and again in the spring too. My footwear in the spring/summer could be everything from white sneakers to black loafers to summer sandals, but for November, I’ve gone for classic black over the knee boots. I’ve chosen my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots, one of my fall/winter footwear staples, and finished off with my favorite classic wool felt hat, and my go-to argyle cardigan, which gives the look the fall/winter aesthetic I was looking for.

As comfort is key during this crazy time, I wanted to put together an even more casual and low key yet still stylish look, so I’ve gone for two of my favorite casual staples – my
ripped tomgirl jeans and my white YSL sneakers. Because you can never really be TOO casual when you’re wearing YSL; am I right? I’ve teamed them with my on-trend Celia printed blouse in the color-of-the-moment, and finished the look off with my Dior bucket hat


Matching Loungewear Sets

Do the world’s leading fashion designers predict another year of working from home? By the looks of how many luxury pajamas and loungewear sets we saw on the runways, it’s quite likely…

Loungewear For Women

I won’t lie and say I wasn’t delighted when I saw just how much women’s loungewear dominated the spring 2021 catwalks. (The Rodarte collection in particular was a dream!) As a mom-of-five, comfort is key for me, and I love how it definitely is possible to be comfortable, be able to move around freely, and be fashionable all at the same time. I’m making the most of this comfortable loungewear trend and showing off two looks. The first one is something I’m really excited about, and almost have to pinch myself as I’m writing it. In this picture, I’m wearing my loungewear set from my brand new loungewear collection, and I’ve teamed it with some Gucci statement sunglasses, my retro puffer jacket, and my Loeffler Randall sneakers. I must take a moment to fangirl over Loeffler Randall too. I love them so much (you may remember me talking about them in my very first blog post) especially because they are doing all they can to be one of the most sustainable fashion brands – especially in terms of high end brands.

My second look is another one which I will be recreating over the next few months. I’m keeping things casual with my
ruffle waist sweatpants, stripe crew socks, and colorblock turtleneck sweatshirt; adding a touch of luxury with my YSL sneakers; and finishing off with a hint of catwalk style thanks to my lieutenant hat. A mix and matched, high/low, and casual/fashionable look – one of my favorites!

PS: I always believe that you can feel a million dollars even in the most casual of outfits by doing one simple hair and beauty thing – for me it’s adding a soft and subtle curl to my hair. For others, it could be adding a pop of bright lipstick or a swipe of bronzer or eyeshadow.


Short Cropped Tops And Bralets

Cropped tops always remind me of early-days Britney Spears and 90s girlbands, but the trend has definitely evolved since then. I really liked how bralets and cute cropped tops were presented for the new season (especially during Paris Fashion Week at Chanel and Hermès) so I wanted to give the trend a go too. How am I going to work this very summery trend into my fall/winter wardrobe, I asked myself…

I love a challenge, and absolutely do think it’s possible to incorporate things like cropped bra tops into more wintry outfits too. Last month’s post about how to make your summer pieces work for fall definitely inspired me when putting these looks together…

For my first look, I’m wearing the Carina bralet which will definitely get more outings in the spring, and teamed it with my chic but comfortable raw edged blazer and my black Gap skinny jeans. I finished the look off with some Sam Edelman sneakers and my Chloe heart shaped sunglasses.

Showing just a little bit of skin can make a whole lot of difference! My second look also demonstrates how you can mix and match not only high/low or smart casual pieces, but also spring/summer and autumn/winter pieces too. I love how you can make your own rules with fashion, and how no two people’s interpretation of a trend is the same. And isn’t that what makes fashion and life so wonderful? I adore this Chloe seamless longline bralet, which I’ve teamed with my Malin utility pants from Anthropologie. I’ve made the look season-appropriate by pairing them with an open stitch cardigan, and added some edge with my rancher hat and my failsafe Chanel boots.

Green Fashion

A lot of fashion shows leave me green with envy – but green was definitely the operative word for spring 2021; especially at London Fashion Week! But in all four cities, everyone from Burberry to Elie Saab to Erdem to Victoria Beckham declared that green was THE color of season, and I didn’t want to argue as I too am pretty obsessed with it. Although there were many loud, bold, very vibrant green hues among the subtler ones during the latest fashion month, it is of course the subtler shades that spoke to me the most. The moss green pieces at Erdem were particularly inspiring…

This look is very me from top to bottom. I would have worn it anyway, so the fact that it is a red hot trend (or should that be green hot?) for the new season is an added bonus. For this look, I’m wearing my
Bekah faux leather blouse, with my camo cargo pants, and have teamed them with my Dr Martens with chunky boot socks, and of course, my favorite Hermès fall silk scarf.

Light Pastel Colors  

Cotton candy pastel colors bring me so much joy, so I had to make a conscious effort to stop myself from creating ten different looks for this trend alone. The spring 2021 collections were full of pastel hues – Valentino, Chloe, and Prada provided some of my favorite pastel pink and pastel purple pieces. And let’s not forget the soft pink jackets at Chanel and very OTT ruffled dresses at Giambattista Valli!

I’ve only provided two looks below, but I know that these are only the beginning…

Pastel Fashion Trends

In my first picture, I’m wearing the very aptly named
making me smile print top, and teamed it with burgundy utility pants, Dior espadrilles, and my Chloe sunglasses.

And for the second picture, I’m wearing another cleverly named
good vibes buttondown, and teamed it with my favorite graphic tee of the moment, my favorite skinny jeans, Carolina trimmed rancher and my go to Chanel boots.

Neutral Fashion Trend

It’s very easy to get a head start on new season trends just by adding some of its key colors to your existing wardrobe, which is why I have taken advantage of some of spring 2021’s hottest color combos in this spring to fall edit. I was very excited to discover that akin to pastels, neutrals were another big trend, and as I have so many neutral hues in my closet, getting one step ahead of the trends is going to be a breeze…

This is not the first time I have raved about my love of neutrals – and it definitely won’t be the last! Neutral colors are a big part of my wardrobe, regardless of whether they come with a spring 2021 seal of approval. But the fact that one of my go-to colors (or lack thereof) is one of the biggest trends of the new season is the sartorial cherry on top. Thank you to everyone from Stella McCartney to Louis Vuitton to Alberta Ferretti!

Trendy Fashion Accessories

When it comes to neutral colors or casual pieces, I believe that the right fashion accessories can really transform the look. I love unique fashion accessories, and I usually try and find something that will make my look stand out if I’m wearing neutral colors or a monochrome outfit, for example. That’s what was going through my head when putting this look together. I paired a camel colored sweater with some plaid shorts, and accessorized with my Beaumont suede hat and the J’Adior bracelet set I wear a lot. I finished the look off with my Sam Edelman Chelsea boots and some boot socks.

I think my second outfit is another Lily Tracy staple look. I’ve teamed this
boucle sweater tank with paperbag wide leg pants, and added a rowan blazer and Dior espadrilles.

Sheer Fashion Trend

Akin to the cropped tops and bralets trend, sheer fashion can initially sound quite scary and provocative – but it doesn’t have to be. One look at Valentino’s take on the trend, and it’s very clear to see that transparent sheer fashion can ooze class and elegance. There are very easy ways to give a subtle and tasteful nod to this new-season trend, which is what I have tried to do with these two different outfits.

Sheer Fashion Tops

I’m incorporating two trends in one with this look, by wearing the sheer Cozy up layering top with the Katrina bralet peeking through. I’ve teamed them with my Genevieve lace maxi skirt which I think contributes to the feminine and romantic aesthetic, and toughened the look up with my Jimmy Choo Cruz flat boots. I could have gone for some tougher black ankle boots if I wanted an edgier look, but I think the embellished detailing in these Jimmy Choo boots enhances the femininity and glamor of the rest of the pieces.

My second outfit provides another subtle nod to
the sheer fashion trend, while still being season appropriate and true to my style. I’ve teamed this Free People lady lux layering top with a dusty pink cord pinafore, and accessorized them with my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots and my favorite fall silk scarf around my head.

Slouchy Satin and Oversize Silhouettes

I wanted to end on a high, so last but not least is another one of my favorite trends from the new season – slouchy silhouettes, as seen at Victoria Beckham, MM6 Maison Margiela, Alberta Ferretti, The Row, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga to name just a few.

Slouchy and oversize are two words which have popped up a lot when summarizing the spring 2021 trends. As well as the slouchy satin I fell in love with at Victoria Beckham, there were looser and more comfortable silhouettes throughout all the digital presentations. I also loved the slouchy suits from the likes of MM6 Maison Margiela and Alberta Ferretti, as they provided a very interesting update to the conventional suit, showcasing how you can combine comfort and professionalism – and of course, style – during these WFH “new normal” times.

Another one of my highlights were the low slung jeans that debuted at Victoria Beckham – an excellent trend for those who want something different from skin-tight skinny jeans or even high waisted jeans. It may be because we have normalized working from home in loungewear and other super-comfortable garments, or it may be a total coincidence, but either way, I will be making the most of this trend for as long as possible.  

For my first look, I’m wearing my Free People
in a cinch cami with an embroidered jean skirt, and keeping out the chill in an apricot colored cardigan and Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots. And of course, I’ve finished off the look with my Chloe sunglasses.

My second look is a real mix and match vibe, which I love. I’ve teamed this
tweet talker half slip with an oversize gray sweatshirt , and added my baseball cap, crew socks, and Louis Vuitton loafers to complete the look. PS: Statement tights and statement socks were also big trends for spring 2021, especially at Pucci and Sportmax, so exposing my socks was another great way for me to showcase more spring 2021 style.

What do you think? Even if you simply add one of the new season colors – from burnt orange to green to neutral – into your fall/winter wardrobe, you’ll be one step ahead of the trends! Will you be incorporating some of spring 2021’s latest trends into your current wardrobe? Which trend/look was your favorite?

Click here to shop all the outfits I’ve mentioned in this post – and don’t forget to check out my other looks and styling ideas here.

Lots of love, Lily x x