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Don’t Put Them Away Yet - Your Summer Staples that can Still Work for Fall

As much as I love getting the cozy, chunky knits out as soon as the leaves start to turn those gorgeous fall colors, I do feel a little bit sad that it’s time to say goodbye to some of my favorite summer staples. More so than ever this year, as I don’t feel like the summer was long enough due to the pandemic. And I’m sure a lot of you will feel the same way.

However, the good news is that summer staples aren’t just reserved for the summer season. Staples are staples for a reason, and I love re-wearing and reworking certain pieces the whole year round. A few months ago, I posted about making more of an effort to wear my clothes and accessories – especially my most beloved luxury items – as much as possible. And wearing seasonal staples outside of their “season” is a good way to get the most out of them.

Take a look at some of my favorite summer staples that I will definitely be wearing again and again – alongside my must-have fall pieces – as we transition into the fall season. And who knows, I may even find a way to work them into my winter wardrobe too…



Women’s Summer Dresses

There’s something quite upsetting about putting summer dresses in the back of the closet. Luckily, there are lots of dresses that can work for fall as well as winter (we’ve all heard of the success of winter florals, haven’t we?) and I’ve selected just a few examples to prove it.

The key is to choose soft and versatile colors that can just as easily work for fall as well as summer. Pastels work great for all four seasons (which is great news for my Hemant and Nandita Maxi Dress as it deserves as many outings as possible) and you can add brighter colors and accessories for spring/summer, and then mix it up with darker hued accessories for the colder months.

For fall, I would style these dresses with a simple denim jacket or blazer at the top, and sneakers or mules at the bottom. (I’m wearing the Forever Yours Smocked Slip from Free People in one of the pictures, but this rule applies to pretty much all summer dresses.) 

I’m loving oversize blazers at the moment, as you might remember from my recent post about some of my favorite fall trends, so I’m excited about the idea of wearing some summer dresses with oversize cardis and blazers. To change up the look – because it’s all about variation, don’tcha know – I would add a fierce statement belt. 



Graphic Tees

Graphic T-shirts go with pretty much anything, and they can be dressed up or down with ease.The Free People Showtime Tee and Anine Bing Tiger Tee are two of my favorites, and although they’re two very different styles, both manage to prove that graphic tees can be added to everything from flowy maxi skirts for a fun and feminine aesthetic, or worn with a pair of wide leg pants for ultimate comfort. And so much more! I also love wearing them with skinny jeans, and toughening the look up with a leather biker jacket, or meeting somewhere in the middle with a casual and cozy oversized cardigan, or going for smart-casual and adding a chic blazer. Click here to see some of my latest blazer styling tips if you’re obsessed with blazers as much as I am. 

When there’s a slight chill in the air, a lightweight coat would be perfect to wear or drape over my shoulders, with mules or even a pair of winter knee high boots to keep me warm and cozy. Basically, there’s no wrong way to wear a graphic tee, and I definitely won’t be putting mine away for at least another season.



Women’s Skirts

I love wrapping up in a cozy knit and relaxing in front of the fire with my family. Chunky sweaters are wonderful for lounging around the house or wearing outside on a brisk autumn walk, but they can also work in a smart/casual way too.

I like the juxtaposition of wearing a feminine summery skirt like this Anthropologie Hattie Midi skirt with a chunky sweater, as it lets me hang onto the summer while reworking it for the current season. Summer skirt outfits such as mini or midi skirts styled with ankle boots or knee high boots are one way to go. (The Emily Stretch Denim Mini Skirt which you can still shop at Nordstrom is a great example of summer pieces working for all seasons with the right accompaniments. Adding a simple sweater and ankle boots has instantly transformed the outfit!) And I also love the idea of wearing floaty maxi skirts with chunky fall sweaters in darker colors and finishing the look off with casual sneakers or mules. This aesthetic shows that you can play by your own rules, and won’t let a little thing like the weather stand in your way.



Women’s Hats

Sometimes a hat can be the missing piece of the sartorial puzzle, which is why I will always find a way to work hats into my look, regardless of the season. Rancher hats like this Anthropologie Riverside Trimmed Rancher can completely transform an otherwise mundane outfit. But I also love good old fashioned baseball hats too, as they are the perfect accompaniment to a super casual, sporty look. (The one I’m wearing in the picture is the Free People Sun Bleached Baseball Hat.) They also work wonders for bad hair days; just sayin’…



Sweater Tanks

The art of making spring/summer pieces work for fall is all in the layering. And sweater tanks are the absolute perfect layering pieces! I love sweater tanks because of their texture, so I use them as an underneath layer and throw on a blazer, denim jacket, and perhaps even a bomber jacket on top. Most things can complement sweater tanks perfectly, although I wouldn’t throw on a cardigan, as the two fabrics are too similar. 

Free People have a great selection of sweater tanks in virtually every single color of the rainbow, and if you're anything like me, you won’t stop at just one!



Statement Sneakers

Sneakers are definitely not season-specific, as they can be enjoyed all year long! I am obsessed with statement sneakers, and as much as I love wearing them with summer shorts, dresses, and cropped pants, I also adore how I can wear them with some of my fall favorites too.

(I’m wearing the Golden Goose distressed snake-effect sneakers, as well as the Chanel gray fabric and suede calfskin sneakers in the pics.)

Statement sneakers can work with everything from jeans to cargo pants to leggings, and so much more, as they go with absolutely everything! What do you think of some of the outfits I have worn sneakers with?   



Silk Scarves

It’s no secret that I love my silk scarves – and I definitely don’t want to pack them away quite yet. I’m still planning on wearing my silk head scarves such as my trusty Hermes silk scarf in my hair, and also wear them as a belt, and even as a bracelet throughout the coming months. Click here to check out how to wear silk scarves, including some of my tips and tricks for tying a scarf. 

Since wool and cashmere seem a bit too warm if the weather isn’t wintry – which it seldom is at the start of fall – silk scarves are the perfect compromise.

Shop all these looks here and check out some of my other styling ideas over on my blog. Thanks so much for visiting.

Love, Lily xx