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Lily Tracy’s Top Ten Fashion Finds - how to mix basics with luxury items

My 10 Most Loved Products for the Month of July (and why sometimes a sweater tank is so much more than a sweater tank)

Lately, I’ve been mixing a lot of basics with luxury pieces. I’ve found this month that comfort has been my go-to (thank you pandemic!). But you know me, I’m still going to do fashionable comfort with some carefully chosen complementary accessories. I’m going to quarantine in style. My heart's been racing with a few fashion items this month, and I thought I’d share them with you.  


Boucle Sweater Tank top 

1. Boucle Sweater Tank Top

Sometimes a tank is just a tank, and other times it’s a second skin. I find myself reaching for this boucle sweater tank again and again. So much so that I bought it in four different colors (so I’m fully prepped in case one is in the wash). It’s an affordable option from Free People, that works as a layering piece, but for me right now, in the heat of the summer, it’s a lightweight option. It drapes beautifully and gives off beachy vibes. Honestly, it’s such an easy, simple, and effortless piece I can pull it on and know it looks good. It’s a pleasure to style a sweater tank like this.



2. Hermes Oran Sandal

 Hermes Sandals are just beautiful, right? That iconic H, representing Hermes exquisite craftsmanship and quality (and yes, can give a suspect tan line, but so worth it). It’s got that impeccable design that’s classic and minimalistic. That strong Italian leather that lasts and looks even better when worn down a bit. They’re not just for one summer, they’re for every summer. I’m completely in love with these sandals, in case you hadn’t guessed. They pair great with dresses, jeans, shorts. I wouldn’t wear them on a long walk, or any kind of rough terrain, because they don’t have arch support, but they’re a perfect day-to-day summer shoe. 



High-Waisted Jean Shorts

3. High-Waisted Jean Shorts

I love my jeans, but in this heat they’re not happening. Hands down the next best thing are these CRVY vintage-inspired shorts. They’re hard-working denim but with the perfect amount of stretch that gives a super flattering fit. At 3 inches, the inseam is a little longer than most jean shorts on the market but nowhere near Bermuda length (which I also love and blog about btw) so there’s a bit of wiggle room, but they’re still at the length of a great short. I never need to hike them up or down in the supermarket - if you know what I mean! These vintage jean shorts pair really well with a simple tee and sneakers. 



Anine Bing Sweatshirt

4. Anine Bing Sweatshirt

    I’m obsessing over this edgy Anine Bing Sweatshirt. It’s totally luxurious with a vintage wash and a baggy look. Graphic sweatshirts are a playful, fashionable trend right now that can be dressed up or down. Some days, this is a throw-on that I can pair with jean shorts and know I’m on trend. Other times it’s for styling, worn with a pleated skirt and mules for a feminine, boho feel that’s still got this cool edge. It’s a surprisingly versatile piece that brings a lot of personality to a look. 



    Velvet Hair Bow

    5. Velvet Hair Bow

    This was a trend that I did not see coming back, but I’m so glad it has. There’s a rebel girly vibe with these bows, that I am ready to embrace. For me, velvet always carries a rich, retro-feel to it and just a little taste of romantic luxury. These bows are beautifully handmade, with a super durable and lux quality. They add flair to a subdued or edgy outfit. You can just slip them on the base of a pony-tail or do what I do and clip it above my half-up ponytail.



    Chanel Sneakers

    6. Chanel Sneakers

      If there’s ever been an investment piece for me it’s my Chanel sneakers. Talk about getting my money’s worth, and I did spend a lot of time debating whether or not to buy them, but they’ve proven themselves to be worth it. They are, maybe, the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe, that also elevate any casual outfit I’m wearing. I have to remind myself not to wear them every day but to give my other sneakers a day in the sun too! I love getting outdoors with my kids, and these are my go-to shoes for 3-mile hikes.



      Chanel Sneakers

      7. Wanderer Tie-Dye High-Rise Cargo Pants

      Wow! Well, I never thought I’d be dressing for a pandemic – but there you go, 2020 has been a strange year. I have found myself pulling these Anthropologie high-rise cargo pants on repeatedly. They’re a comfortable and stylish cotton, linen mix and I’m a die-hard tie-dye fan. I wear them around the house, playing with the kids, on walks. They’re easy to throw in the wash and come out looking good. They can also be elevated with a heel and some next-level accessories, for a pandemic date night! You gotta do what you gotta do. 



      8. Seamless Lace Bike Shorts

      I love these so much, every time I put them on I swear never to wear real pants again. The fabric is soft and cozy and I think the delicate lace cuff is a really nice touch. Definitely great for around the house or low-impact walks. I pair them with a chunky sweatshirt and sneakers and I am good to go. I honestly feel like they would take me anywhere. 



      9. Versace Medusa Leather Strap Watches

       I saw these watches six months ago on a Net-a-Porter ad with three of them all stacked in a super artistic promotion. I immediately fell in love and started obsessing. I went to great lengths to track them down (a private detective couldn’t have done a better job) only to be told there was no info on them. But I wasn’t to be deterred, I kept researching the watches for over a month (talk about a passion project!) and then finally gave up : ( Fast forward to July 4th weekend *cue the fireworks* I found the bracelets and even better there was a huge sale and I snatched them up for 73% off. Love the look of these watches so, so, much.



      Crew Socks

      10. Crew Socks

      I know they’re just socks, but these Crew Socks actually put a smile on my face. I think they’re fun. The retro stripe vibe kind of screams 80’s but with a modern splash. I know this look isn’t for everyone, but I think they’re super cool with a pair of sneakers or peeping out over a boot. They’re also really comfy. I’ve found that little details and accessories, like striped crew socks, can transform an outfit.


      Shop the looks here and check out some of my other styling ideas over on my blog. Thanks so much for visiting.

      Love, Lily xx