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My Luxury Pieces and Why I Wear Them Every Day

As mothers, it’s important to take (and find) special moments for ourselves. For me, this means working out for at least 30 minutes a day, a glass of wine at night, and wearing something that’s special. Whether a treasured scarf, piece of jewelry, or a pair of shoes, incorporating something small and beloved into my look instantly lifts my spirits. 

Though I scour runways and celebrity wardrobes for inspiration, I tend to purchase clothing and accessories that can be worn around the house and in the backyard. I do, however, draw the line at wearing them in rainstorms and mud!

I Tend to Keep My Clothing Fairly Low-Key 

Just because my shoes tend to come from luxury brands doesn’t mean that my clothing does. In fact, I tend to keep things casual with prices that are comparable to those of Anthropologie and Free People (but I’m not opposed to Amazon’s t-shirts, either)! If I get mud, grass, or food on anything, no worries: I’ve got an incredible natural stain remover that lifts literally any stain straight out. 

In previous blogs, I’ve outlined that – even during the COVID-19 lockdown period – it’s important to keep romance alive with date nights. Currently, I’m obsessed with the beautiful, bohemian style of Hemant and Nandita dresses


Accessories Take Things to the Next Level

Ask any of my friends and family: Shoes and accessories are easily my biggest guilty pleasures. These investment pieces certainly make me thankful that my pregnancies didn’t change my shoe size (and scarves and necklaces always fit)!

Changing your footwear up is a simple, easy way to elevate any outfit – even a basic t-shirt and pair of GAP jeans look better with something a little flashier.  

It’s rare for me to buy a beautiful pair of shoes, only to wear them once or twice. Instead, I think it’s important to purchase something I can enjoy on a weekly (or seasonal) basis. That’s why – whenever the weather allows it – I reach for my Chanel slides.

How I Care for My Shoes

After walks or errands, if I notice any marks, I wipe them down with a microfiber cloth. If the weather’s looking a little suspicious, I’ll throw on some shoes that don’t require special treatment – there’s no use ruining my favorite pair of slides if it starts raining!


Hermes Slides 

Case in point: I weighed up purchasing these Hermes slides for at least half a year. Six years later, I wear them at least once a week – and they still look brand new! The bright tri-tone combination lends a colorful pop to just about any outfit. 



Chanel Sneakers

These grey Chanel sneakers were a major splurge (and one I spent months making up my mind about). It was important to get my money’s worth, which is why you’ll find me wearing them at least four times a week. Since they’re super comfy, they’re my #1 choice for 3-mile walks with the kids. 

Hermes Scarf and Bracelet

Since I was a little girl, I’d always dreamt of having a “fancy scarf, and my Hermes Source de Pegase is one of the most frequently-worn accessories in my wardrobe. With so many ways to tie a scarf, there are endless ways to style an outfit. This is an investment piece that will be worn for decades to come. 

The Collier de Chien bracelet may have been introduced in the 1920s – for a customer’s dog, no less. But that’s the beauty of this Hermes cuff bracelet: It’s timelessly stylish. I received this for Mother’s Day after the birth of #4 and #5 and I sincerely treasure how seamlessly it fits into my wardrobe.


Cartier Necklace 

For my 37th birthday, my husband surprised me with the Clash de Cartier necklace. The moment I saw it, the part-rock, total-elegance aesthetic spoke loudly to me. It’s a wonderful reminder of an extremely happy life moment. 


Cartier Bracelets 

Both of these Cartier bracelets were Christmas gifts over the past few years from Paul. The first time I saw the iconic Juste un Clou bracelet I instantly fell in love. Introduced in the 1970's it has the perfect balance of sophistication and edge that I adore with its nail silhouette. The Ecrou de Cartier bracelet has an industrial feel with its movable bolts. They are the perfect pair together and I literally never take them off except for showers.


Hermes Oran Sandals 

I’ve had this pair of sandals for more than five years and they’re my “everything shoes”: Car trips, short walks, grocery store runs, day trips, you name it! Even though they’re white, diligently wiping them off after contact with dirt (and after every wear) will elongate their lifetime. 



Bottega Veneta Heels 

Back in 2019, when we were all still going out, I bought these incredible Bottega Veneta quilted mules. They’re the ideal brunch, dinner, date night, concert – you name it – heels and they dress up any outfit. This brand is luxe, surprisingly comfortable (thanks to its padded sole), and they’ll be in style for years to come.