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How to Style a Blazer Even in a Pandemic

I don’t think blazers get enough credit. Blazers are one of the most underrated and hardworking pieces that no wardrobe can do without. They were traditionally synonymous with menswear (they date back to the 1800s if you can believe it) but personally, I think they can be one of the most feminine additions to an outfit. Especially if you think outside the box and play with different colors, fits, and textures! (Traditionally, blazers worn with women’s suits were meant to be form-fitting to maintain professionalism, but fast forward to 2020, and oversized, casual blazers are coming into their own and cementing their status as a style must-have!) 



Women’s Blazers 

Women have been wearing suits for the last 150 years, and women’s blazers – especially the ways in which we wear them – have definitely evolved since their debut. If you want inspiration with how to wear a blazer, and what to wear with a blazer, then read on. Suitable for all seasons and a multitude of different occasions, the styling possibilities are virtually endless. Best of all, you can elevate even the most casual of outfits by adding a blazer to it, thus transforming a mundane off-duty look to a smart/casual and dare I say chic and professional one too. Dressed up or down, blazers are the sartorial cherry on top, and I am completely and utterly obsessed!


Casual Blazers - Thrown Over Your Classic Casual Jeans And Tee Combo 

I believe that there’s nothing quite as powerful as getting dressed up even if you have nowhere to go. Dressing the part for that all-important conference call and getting party-ready for what would have been your best friend’s bachelorette weekend would definitely make me feel better and take me out of a lockdown-related slump. And it did! If you love the comfort of lockdown athleisure but the chicness of an off-duty runway model, then there’s a way to meet in the middle – and you guessed it, it’s all thanks to the blazer.

I’ve found that pairing a blazer with the failsafe jeans and a tee combo is the best of both worlds. Ultimate comfort by way of your favorite jeans and a snazzy T-shirt with a chic blazer on top is one of the most effortless ways to rock the trend.


Jeans And Tee – But Make It Summer 

You might love the idea of jazzing up a simple jeans-and-tee outfit, but hate the idea of doing so in the scorching heat. But don’t worry, as you can still achieve the exact same style goals with a casual pair of jean shorts too. I am obsessed with these denim cut-offs – you’ll probably remember me raving about the CRVY vintage-inspired shorts in my recent Top Ten Fashion Finds post – so you probably won’t be surprised to find that I have styled them with quite a few different blazers in this edit alone.


Summer Blazers – Autumn/Winter Jeans 

I love the Rowan beige blazer from Free People – which I styled with the denim cut-offs above – so much so that I am already mourning not being able to wear the above outfit when it gets colder. However, all hope is not lost, as it’s still possible to hang onto summer by wearing this beautiful raw edged sand colored blazer with more weather-appropriate bottoms. I’m currently envisioning wearing this for my next date night; whenever that may be.


Blazers Go With Bike Shorts Too 

You didn’t think I was going to leave out my seamless lace bike shorts, did you? After raving about them just a few weeks ago, I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to prove that they were a worthwhile purchase, and can even be worn with blazers too!

Whether you choose bike shorts (my trusty burgundy ones are great for adding a pop of color, as well as some added texture thanks to the lace detailing) or go for an understated black pair, the smart-meets-casual trend is still there. All in all, this look is perfect for wearing over the next month while we make the most of the summer before the weather turns.


Blazers with A Fun Summer Dress 

Do you feel robbed of a summer this year? Many of my readers don’t feel like they have had much time to enjoy the spring/summer season this year, due to the virus that shall not be named. But just because you might not have been able to hop on a plane and lay on an exotic beach, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of what’s left of the summer. And the best way to do so is to wear your summer must-haves in your very own home and garden. A great way to rock some of my favorite summer pieces – be they shorts, tops, and of course, dresses (mini, midi, maxi – I love them all!) is to pair them with a summery blazer and some fun accessories.


HOW TO STYLE A BLAZER - LILY TRACY STYLE TIP – I love the juxtaposition of a sharp black blazer and a dress in a contrasting shade, but when choosing summer-ready ensembles, I like to keep the color palette relatively similar for a seamless look. I’ve worn this gorgeous floral maxi dress with a pale blazer which brings out and complements the pink hues in the dress. 


Girly Meets Edgy 

Summer or winter, a blazer can be just the right addition an outfit needs. I love pairing pastel colored blazers with contrasting spring summer staples to add some edge and character. It’s fun to mix things up! And speaking of mixing things up, there’s nothing I love more than contrasting feminine pink pieces with more casual, and also edgier pieces. This look is a great example, as it marries feminine pink colors with edgy details found in the black graphic T and black biker boots. Do you like how this outfit plays with boundaries?


Casual Blazers For Women Are Perfect For Summer 

Akin to the failsafe jeans and tee combo, I also believe that you can’t go wrong with shorts and a tee either – especially if you add a blazer to the proceedings. If you ever worry that shorts can look a little too casual and fear they should only be for the gym or the beach, then choose a few simple but bold accessories to put your mind at rest. No one will dispute your style when they see expertly matched accessories thrown into the mix!

A blazer in either a vibrant summer hue or an understated springtime pastel shade, teamed with a belt (a great trick to jazz up an otherwise casual outfit is to add a belt) and some statement shoes is all you need to transform the look. I’ve added the Palomo Barchelo platform sandals (which I mentioned in my Top Summer Trends post) 


LILY TRACY STYLE TIP – Match the shade of your belt to the shade of the blazer to show that you’ve thought about every single detail of your outfit. Even better if you choose a plain tee, as all the attention will be on the belt and blazer.


Bohemian Inspired Blazer Outfit 

Just last month, I mentioned how excited I was to see scarves finally come back into fashion for women of all ages – especially as there are so many ways to wear them! So, it should come as no surprise to see that I’ve styled another one of my favorite summer blazers with a Hermes scarf – alongside a chic black jumpsuit and some on-trend Chanel slides – for something a little bit different. The scarf I chose is great for this time of year, as the colors are perfect for the upcoming fall season. The menswear-inspired Everly Cord blazer from Free People is a definite staple in my wardrobe for all seasons, and completes this outfit perfectly by creating a subtle androginous look.

Paperbag Pants – Comfort Without Compromising On Style 

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate high waisted paperbag pants? Dressed up or down, I don’t think there’s a wrong way to wear paperbag trousers! I thought I would put this theory to the test and see if I could style them with a raw edge double knit blazer, an effortlessly casual and cool ribbed cropped top, and the white Bottega Veneta padded sandals you’ve seen me wear countless times, and lo and behold, I was not left disappointed.  

Whether you choose blazers in pretty pastels, chic dark hues, or show-stopping sparkles, wear them with confidence, and know that they will elevate and complement every single outfit. I hope this post proves that you really can’t go wrong with a blazer!

Which look is your favorite? And how will you be styling yours?