Lily Tracy’s how-to style Lug Sole Boots. Get tips on dressing up lug sole boots with grace and style.

8 Ways to Style Lug Sole Boots

I’m sold! I absolutely love lug sole boots. They’re strong, powerful, supremely stylish, ready for anything and they’re comfortable. Watch out while I gush for a little bit. I’m not kidding. I can walk for miles looking good. These boots are it for me, for the fall, winter and hopefully some of spring. Traditionally lug boots had deep ridges in the sole, like you might see with Dr. Martens, but fashion has stretched a little and it now includes chunky platform boots and some over the knee numbers too. They were big in the 70’s with punk fashion, back in the 90’s and here we go again. They’re a definite sweet spot where high fashion meets function, and it works. Which is rare in this world!

Fashion is seamlessly merging with function with these boots, and producing flat, grounded, comfortable shoes that you could wear in a snowstorm. How many boots can look effortlessly cool and survive slushy weather? You see, you will convert, you think you mightn’t get on board with this trend, but I think you will eventually. Trust me, there’s a lot to like.

Personally, I don’t normally look to celebrities, but pretty much everyone has been spotted wearing a version of these with some fabulous street style. I know these boots can look a little off putting at first, with their chunky soles and tough, gritty vibe, and you might not know where to start with styling. That’s why I’ve taken eight key looks that you should be able to work with. You’ll see just how versatile these boots are. As always, I use a lot of high street brands and a few designer pieces to translate the styles into looks that work. (You can read more about how I like to mix high-low trends here)

Let me know what you think.


1. Keeping with the outdoor-jumping-into-crunchy-brown-leaves fall look, I’ve gone for a layered ensemble. Teaming these incredible deep ridged BV tire boots that have huge rubber soles (like tires, I guess!) with a grey winter dress with tassels. This is a soft knit dress that contrasts against the heavy chunky boots. I pair it with a plaid shirt tied around the waist for fun and it adds texture to the overall look. Free People has a very similar Brooks Chelsea boot, with a contemporary Chelsea boot style, but at a fraction of the price compared to the BV tire boot. They’re available in lots of different colors and with deep contrast stitching they’re definitely worth a look. For me, the BV tire boot is an investment piece. It will last for years and it’s hard wearing and will continue to look better and better the more that beautiful leather wears in. But I get it, they’re not cheap.

2. Military inspired pants look great with lug boots. They work together and create a smooth silhouette. They are reimagined military boots after all, with a modern edge, and they look really strong with combat style outfits. I like to roll up my khaki pants to highlight the boots, but you could also tuck them in, that can look great with a higher boot. I team the look with a cozy knit sweater, to soften the style. These Sam Edelman Laguna Chelsea boots are a great street style take on high fashion.


    3. I think pairing these boots with denim is just such a cool girl vibe. It’s effortless and stylish. The lug soles anchor skinny jeans and offset with a graphic tee it gives a nod to the punk vibe that made these boots iconic in the 70’s. I’m a big fan of the Dr Martens chelsea boot- the original punk boots. They are a great value and will last all winter. Good for stomping!

      4. Who knew? Apparently, I wear boot socks and dresses now. And you know what, I love it. There’s no turning back. These heavy, chunky shoes (and socks!) ground statement pieces like this floral, graceful summer dress. They’d do the same for any kind of bright colored accessory. And items like socks, like boot socks or those crew socks I’m so fond of (take a look at my previous post where I talk about styling crew socks), those little design details, can completely elevate an outfit. There’s no such thing as a summer dress by the way, with a cardigan, or a sweater it can work all year round. I’m wearing the Sam Edelman Laguna Chelsea boot and I’m ready to kick up some leaves with my kids.


        5. Spanx leggings are serious comfort pieces. I am a legging fan though you might remember from my blog about working from home. These leggings get a thumbs up from me, and they don’t lose their shape. Win. Pairing with an Anine Bing graphic sweatshirt that always brings a serious edgy vibe that I love. I’m a sucker for some bling, and it’s so easy to work it into your everyday wardrobe, I’ve pinned it onto my beanie hat to make me smile. Not to mention those beautiful heavy-duty, take-no-prisoners BV tire boots. This really is one of my dream outfits.


          For a similar look I’ve paired these ribbed leggings, which have a great textured and comfortable feel. Leggings are a fantastic, wearable option for layering looks of different lengths, tie a sweater around your waist, or a three-quarter length jacket. They’re really versatile. Here I’ve paired them with this light tunic and what I now think of as a classic Dr Martens Chelsea boot.

          6. This floaty, feminine paisley skirt has those stunning fall colors that are on trend right now, lots of tans and browns that are so easy to work with (you can read more about styling those colors in my fall styling blog). Teamed with the surprisingly light and easy to pull-on Sam Edelman Laguna Chelsea boot and a chunky knit sweater this look would take you anywhere this fall. The balance with this outfit works with just the right amount of femininity meeting with that clunky boot. It even feels a little bit elegant which is surprising.


            7. I think one of the most versatile items in my wardrobe is a sweater dress. (Find some tips on styling a ribbed midi dress here) The options on how to wear one are virtually endless; dress it up with some key accessories, dress it down with sneakers, layer it with a shirt. Have fun. I’m wearing this eye catching red dress with an exaggerated neckline, offset with these rocking BV tire boots. The boots completely ground that pop of color.

              8. These boots are just incredible – am I gushing now? I knew I would. They look good with dresses, skirts, leggings, skinny jeans, and now I’ve paired them with wide leg pants, and they’re killing it (if I do say so myself 😉 ) This might be one of my favorite looks- wide leg crepe pants, graphic tee, my favorite black blazer and Dr Martens chelsea boot.

              So, what do you think? Will you invest in some lug soled boots this fall? Have you converted? Do you have a favorite look? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

              Click here to shop all of the pieces I’ve mentioned in this post – and don’t forget to check out my other looks and styling ideas here.


              Thanks for reading!


              Love, Lily xx